Monday, July 25, 2016

First Baptism, Migration, and a Bag of Water

Greetings kids,

Well things have been pretty good recently. I'm officially a resident of El Salvador now (or something like that) had to go to migration (3 hour bus ride) to San Salvador, but it was aight. Then went on changes twice, once with my "grandpa" so that was pretty good. This week has been fairly unusual because we´ve had a ton of meetings and stuff which took away from the normal work, but its all been good. Pupusa count is now at 11. Spanish I don't know its better but pretty much the same. Also we had a baptism yesterday morning. I didn´t know her too well before because I'm new, but it was still a pretty good experience. she's a 19 year old girl and yeah. I'll send pics in a bit. We only got 11 investigators this week, and 9 less actives, but we had a very weird week. I had to go to migration, we had a multizone conference with the presidente, and we had 2 exchanges. There´s this investigator that decides to breastfeed every time we go over. I straight up look her in the eyes then she lifts of her shirt and the child starts going to town. I mean it is a natural thing and kids need it, but come on lady. Today the bus was crammed so I could only hold on to the bars on the outside of the bus with my toes on one of the steps, but that's normal here. Still cool though.

We eat some Honduran food because this guy will give it to us for free twice a week, it's way good. I've Only had 11 pupusas. My favorite investigator is Otmaro and Alexandra, or Luis. Mainly his family as a whole because they´re just fun to visit and talk with. Haven't had anything too outstanding spiritually, but I´ve started reading the old testament and new, and its pretty good. I don't know why we don't read it more. In the New Testament Jesus is spittin straight fire to all the newbs. It's dope. My area is fairly nice, and we have the nicer area where we live, then the ghetto where the streets are crappy gravel. Everyone is pretty nice though. 25 cents for a bus to one of our areas that´s fairly nice. If you thought hammocks were popular in the US, think again. EVERYONE has at least one hammock right in the middle of their living room or kitchen. P-days don´t feel like p-days yet, because they´ve been fairly disorganized. We play soccer at the church though and that's pretty fun. We write in a crappy internet cafe right now, but its aight. Sometimes we go to the stake center just depends. We´ve got like 12 people with a baptismal dates, not sure how many will follow through, but we got them. obviously we hope they all do. all is well, life is good and moving. The comp is good too. Huge-normous volcano that´s poking up out of no where.

Baptism, the bishop did it.
My watch tan.
My desk with the glorious bags of water.
Me, my trainer, and his trainer, our little generation I guess.

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