Monday, February 27, 2017

A Visit to the Lake

Well this week was rather bleh. Nothing much happened. It was probably one of the worst weeks we have had in terms of lessons and other numbers. We had to go to San Salvador (2 hour bus ride) to get my comp's arm checked out. So we didnt work at all that day. and we have to go again in 2 weeks and then who knows after that.

This area has been the hardest. When we ask members (in ward counsel) to visit investigatores they say that they will do it, then when we check up on it later they say that they went, then we talk to the investigators and no one had passed by... So that's pretty cool. Not all of them are like that though, there are some pretty cool people still. Being district leader sucks though because I get to bed late every night and the zone leaders get heated up with me when the numbers of the district are down, but hey we still living and fighting here.

Tomorrow I will have completed 9 months from the day that I left home, woooooo fiesta. My 3 latino companions have told me at some point during our time together "I thought you were really calm and normal but then I realized that you`re freaking crazy." :) The latinos are learning of the real J Vaughan.

Later kids, Elder Vaughan

Me and my comp at Lake Chalatenango, me waiting in the hospital wearing my comps tie, and my jacked up comp.

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Baptism and a Visit to the Hospital

So this week was fairly interesting. Nothing too much to report on, but my comp dislocated his shoulder pretty good Wednesday afternoon, so we screwed up pretty good. From 6pm to 10:30pm we were waiting in the hospital and right after I had helped him change into the hospital clothes the mission presidente called and said that we didnt have permission to use the services in this hospital, so we had to change him again and go back home. Slept for 4 hours then the assistants picked us up in the morning and we went to San Salvador (2 hour ride) so that he could get fixed up. We finally returned to our area at 5 pm. Then we just stayed in the house so that he could rest. And now he has to have that cast thing for 3 weeks at least, but its all good now. And Saturday we had a baptism! A little girl called Kimberly. My comp was gonna do it, but then he got screwed up, so I was chosen to do it. So there is my week for ya! I will try and send pictures, but the computers here are dumb. Love ya`ll. Alma 4:15

Elder Vaughan

Monday, February 13, 2017

Que Chafa es mi Vida!

Well kids, I have transferred up into the mountains of Chalatenango. There is a whole lot of white people here!! But they are white Salvadorans, and there are a ton of hills and it's always super hot. The mountains remind me a lot of Utah actually. My comp is Elder Pérez from Guatemala! He came with me from the MTC and now we`re here together. He is a pretty sweet dude.

My computer doesn't work so I can't send pics at all. I will next week, and the worst part of this change is that I am the district Leader now "Que chafa es mi vida!". Yeah, already had one district meeting, and it's tough because I have to work every night up until its time to sleep and my comp gets to relax. Eh, oh well I guess. Nothing too special to tell. We will be having a baptism this Saturday which is pretty cool. A little girl named Kimberly that is 8 years old.

Well later people, this chele gotta go!

Elder Vaughan

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Villegas Baptism

Hey hey hey.

So we had a pretty solid week this week. Nothing too crazy with lessons or anything, but we did have the baptism and confirmation of Olga Villegas this past Saturday, and the baby blessing of the little guy there! This family is honestly my favorite family I have met. They are so loving, happy, and super funny people. About 6 months ago the husband of Olga, Franklin was baptized. Olga however was not ready for her own reasons or doubts, Im not really sure. So we just continued passing by and sharing some quick easy messages. Two Thursdays ago she had a meeting with the first counselors in our ward. He is cousins with Franklin, and for reasons that I do not know she decided to be baptized this past Saturday. It was one of the happiest moments that I have had so far in my mission. to see her the happiest she has been and now to be united as a family. This is such a special family that has really touched my life and I am honestly honored to have come here to witness this event. And perfect timing too, because I have changes. I am leaving good 'ol Las Cañas Ilopango for who knows where. We´ll catch ya´ll later kiddos.

Elder Vaughan

Elder Egas and I with Olga, Familia Villegas, me calling people like nuts the night before the baptism.