Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Slumber Party

So things were pretty good in this week. We have been able to teach some positive people and have found some people that have progressed. This Sunday we had 5 in church and like 10 progressing. We're hoping that that can continue and improve in this week. Also, we expect one girl named Veronica to get baptized this week. That is if she desires to follow through with it. So that's where we are at for now.

Doing pretty solid and lovin life here in Ilopango. This week we were in a families house when the gangsters knocked on the door asking for a colaboration for the funeral service of one of their fallen homeboys hahaha. So, yeah. The family gave em like 30 cents, and a different day we made pupusas with a family (a mom and her 2 daughters) of investigators and towards the end of everything I told the mom that I couldn't eat anymore or I else I wasn't going to be able to walk. Then she said that I could stay the night at here place. Long story short the mom said "You don't need to sleep on the couch, you can sleep with my daughter in her room with the door locked!" then the daughter said "Yeah I guess its either with my brother or with me. So which one do you say?" Yeah, that was like the longest most awkward silence of my life as I thought, "Do I sound really homosexual and say I'll sleep with her brother or do I cross the lines and say that Id go with the daughter." they had already canceled out all of my options of the couch and floor and what not. Then after an eternity my comp saved me and said that the two of us would just crash on the floor. So yeah we got out of that house fairly quickly. No worries, I guess it was just a funnier experience more than anything. I don't think the family was serious, but they were just messing around with me. So yeah, welcome to the craziness that is this country.

In other news an elder in my district gifted me his Star Wars puzzle and the pics are attached below. Love you all, make wise choices.

Elder Vaughan


So this week was good. I'm already out of time so I'll be a little short. Me and my comp got tired of contacting the area because we have a bunch of time here so we decided to find new people to teach through service. This week we didn't knock any doors and we were able to find like 6 people through the services that we did and one of those people went to church this past week. Also, in one of us they made us dinner and some girls tried flirting with us and said that they want to go to the beach with us hahaha. No worries, I won't be going. I'll only go to the beach with them to baptize them in the ocean.

Serve people, and love God, and be good people.

Hasta lasagna.

Elder Vaughan

Someone left on the mission, my new agenda cover (featuring Rey from Star Wars on the inside) and my district/zone, like half of them are my district.


Well, I don't have changes. Looks like I'll have 5 consecutive changes in this area and 8 all together, and 10 in the whole district. I already said bye to everyone and took pics.... some of the pics are below. I got nothing else to say. Just pray for me, cause I need motivation haha.

Yeah, I'll be continuing with the same comp.

Love y'all.

Elder Vaughan

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

DIY Inspiration

Welcome to 2018 children. And 19 months for Elder Vaughan. I hope that y'all had a great time and that y'all enjoyed everything!

So this week was pretty cool! On Sunday we were just eating the whole day. We had lunch at 3, dinner at 5, second dinner at 7, and supper at 8:30. They were all FAT dinners bruh. So yeah, I took the last dinner to go, I wasn't all about seeing my food again, but it was way awesome and everyone that gave us food is way awesome.

So you guys remember how I said that a gangster lived infront of our house? So yeah he was also like the boss or one of them of the area. So on the 24th he decided to get high as the sky and kill his girl. He then buried her in his little back patio. Then he hung himself and shot himself at the same time... soooo yeah, but the thing is that no one knew until this friday (the 29th) people realized because everything started stinking like death. So yeah, the cops got 'em out and everything. That was pretty interesting. Also we killed a rat and burned it.

Also we did a egg toss in my district meeting and I ripped a hugeangous hole in my pants. That was pretty fun.

Have a great year and don't do drugs kids.

I would say something more inspirational but I don't have anything so come up with it on your own.

The sounders shirts I got everyone for Christmas, Wilfredo's baptism from last Thursday, classy Christmas pic by the fireplace, one of the New Year's dinners, a FAT dinner they gave us yesterday.


I hope you have a very merry Christmas, and I hope that you all can enjoy this time with family and or friends.

This week was way fun! We had our mission Christmas party and we had lunch and all that stuff at this one sports complex/park place and we just played sports for like 4 hours. We got to play soccer with pres for a while. I also got super sun burt, but no worries its all chill.

One of our investigators Wilfredo got baptized on Thursday! Now his whole family has been baptized! He is super amazing, well him and his whole family really. I love that family so much. They are the best people ever.

Also we had the ward Christmas party on saturday which was also way awesome! They had me and my comp participate in a compitition. Where you put on a jacket then the person behind you puts there arms through it and they have top do everything for you. So I was the one without arms, and my comp had to feed me a full yogurt cup and a cup of water, and to finish it off put a santa hat on me. All that without him seeing a thing, and we tied with the other team. It was pretty sweet!

Yesterday I got to talk with the family! Pretty cool as normal. During the Call my dad asked me how I've changed in these past 6-7 months (the time since I last talked to them), and I honestly didnt know how to respond. But now that I think about it, I have honestly become more relaxed in my person (as a missionary.) Before I was too stressed about things that dont really matter, but now I focus on what matters and like Saun T from T-25 says "Do your best and forget the rest". So I really haven't been worrying about other things that don't matter. I work and do what I need to do and if things work out, fantastic, and if they dont, Fantastic. Because I know that I would have worked well. Obviously there is always something I can do better, But I really just try to enjoy what I am doing and work well, instead of being stressed and sad.

This week I will complete 19 months in the mission and I will only have about 4.5 months left. My best bud here in the mission, Elder Williams and I have talked a lot about that stuff and really it is sad that things are ending and sometimes we wish that we could start over everything, but we know that we just gotta keep working hard and do the Lord's will and everything will come out well.

I met Elder Williams family (He´s Hawaiian) and I said melekilikimaka (merry christmas in hawaiin) to his family and they loved it. Mission accomplished.

Also these fools in this cyber are singing just the way you are by bruno mars.

Pics next week, my camera died on me.

Love y'all!

Feliz Navidad y Año nuevo

Elder Vaughan

One Haka-va Christmas Party

This week was good. Fairly normal but good. On Saturday Elder Williams and I taught the district meeting together with both our districts and it was way awesome! A lot of people told us that it was actually the best meeting they've ever had. It was pretty sweet. We also participated in a ward activity from my old ward, Alta Vista. On Sunday we had lunch with president in the house of a family here. It was pretty cool! Annnddd today we played soccer and I scored a volley with my left foot, and some others. It was a fun game today. This week should be good. We will have the baptism of Wilfredo (the husband of the lady we baptized a month ago) He is waaayyyy awesome! He has a super powerful testimony! Elder Williams did the interview for him and said that he is going to be a great leader in the future.

Christmas call this week!

Love y'all!

Elder Vaughan!

The zone, Christmas party and haka (for my old ward)

Christmas Interviews

Well this week was alright. We had interviews and meetings with president and we also had a Christmas activity for the mission. We had a hard week with finding new investigators and with bringing people to church. We do have this one guy that is definitely going to get baptized the 24th of December. It's going to be the end of a pretty sweet month. I'll hit you up with more deets this next week don't have a whole lot to say.

Elder Vaughan