Saturday, December 2, 2017

A FAT Lunch

So, this week was pretty sweet. Last pday we went to El Bouqeron again and it was way sweet. I'll send pics in another email. On Thursday we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. In the morning we went and played a turkey bowl game of American football and it was pretty dang fun. I caught a pass for a 30-40 yard gain spinning and juking out a couple guys in my way, a touchdown pass, and the game winning interception. I don't play football but I had fun, and it was pretty cool. So, my comp knows a lady from his home ward who is from El Salvador and she has a sister here in the country still. She brought us two big boxes of food on Wednesday with chicken, 3 pies, sandwhiches, and all the in-between! So we had a FAT lunch on Thursday with all that. Then for dinner a family cooked a fat chicken salad, corn on the cob, rice, and an apple pie. Wow. It was amazing! It was such a delicious dinner!!! Then we had some baptisms. I was asked to baptize an investigator of the sisters, and then We had the baptisms of Rocio and Carolina on Sunday. It was awesome. That family of Carolina and Rocio is way awesome. They are family of our second counselor of the ward, and this family has progressed a ton in the short time that we have known them. I love the family so much and it was so great to see them progress and really gain a testimony. Things are going pretty well here. They just told me that I won't be getting changed. I will have 6 months in this area, and 10 all together in the ward. and like 13 in the district... just a bit of time.... but I'm excited to stay here with everyone. I'll continue as district leader as well.

Love you all.

Be good and keep the commandments.

Elder Vaughan

Baptism of the sisters, our baptism of family Jorge, and at their house later that day. Bouqueron, Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Grand Theft Elder (Part II)

Hey, what's up? So this week we returned to that place where we got robbed, and well, they robbed us again then said "We don't want to see you two here anymore. Leave now." Alright, see ya. So ya we ain't going back to that part of town anytime soon (ever again).

We also moved houses and now we're living the four missionaries from the ward. Note, we didn't move for getting threatened. That was just a coincidence. we also went to the temple and it was way awesome. I was thinking a lot about my future and everything and didn't know what I should do. So I opened up the scriptures and started reading a chapter. The chapter I read started out by saying basically, that the only thing that matters is that I keep the commandments and everything else will go into place. So there ya go kids. Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper.

Have a good week, love y'all. Also we should have 2 baptisms this week.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Los Obedientes Shall be Rewarded

So this week was fairly average. We went bowling again on p-day and I hit my all time high score. Also on Wednesday we had a zone purification meeting, or basically a meeting to help us all refocus and be mas obedientes basically. I had to teach about virtue, knowledge, and patience. To help me teach about patience, I started out by telling everyone to stand up (for no reason at all) then we watched a video and talked about virtue, then we talked about knowledge and played a little scripture chase game, and by the end of everything everyone was sitting down. So I gave like 20 starbursts to the person that was up the longest. and told everyone that patience pays off. That we may not understand why we have to do something, but it always pays off when we are diligent and obedientes to what we are told. love y'all have a good week. Elder Vaughan

A family from my old ward got married, my awesome game of bowling with a score of 149. and some of the group at bowling.

La Canchita

Well this week was pretty good, fairly normal overall. On Saturday we played basketball and I was killing it pretty good, not to lie. Rebounding, sinking threes, and what not.

We went to an awesome Halloween party on Tuesday. I think by next Monday I'll have the picks of it for y'all. This week was fairly hard with the work. We were able to find a lot of people, but they weren't all that positive. But We will just keep going.

On Tuesday while we were teaching this one guy in a part of this neighborhood called "La Canchita" (the little court) a couple gangsters came and asked for a glass of water from our investigator. while we were sitting there waiting we said "Hey hows it going?" they didn't respond. Instead they just glared at us, then they asked my comp what he had in his backpack, we told him the bible and all that stuff, and I guess he didn't trust us, so he grabbed his bag and pulled everything out to search it. then they left and returned 5 seconds later saying "I've got a doubt.", then he opened up my backpack and searched everything in it . . . then they left again. We finished the lesson and left, as we left the house those two guys entered in again and told us to wait. So we waited. They got to us and said "Queremos baras" (we want money), but what I heard at first was "Queremos balas." (we want bullets) so yeah I basically crapped my pants and thought I was gonna die right there. I just said "what?" and they said "In other words give us 10 bucks" I only had 1.50 on me, but my comp had 10 so he pulled it out and gave it to them. Then they left. So yeah, we won't be entering into La Canchita anymore, because that's like the 5th time they've stopped us there. But yeah, it was pretty cool. No worries though, we safe. Nothing can kill us gringo studs.

Also were going bowling today.

Later kids.

Elder Vaughan

By the way, 6.5 months left.

A Fair Trade

Sorry I forgot to write until the very end.

Supposedly a hurricane passed through here this weekend, but it just lightly rained. We had interviews with president and they were pretty good. He just laughed forever because he thinks me and my comp are twins. Also I gave a gangster 25 cents to buy a soda and he offered us marijuana. He said that he's got the good stuff and that I can go to him whenever I want. Another gangster with face tattoos talked to us this week and he was really nice. He was making sure that the other rival gangs don't mess with us. He also said he wants to learn English. He was way dope.

Later kids.

Elder Vaughan

Monday, October 23, 2017

An Unwelcome Salvadoran Welcome

So, this week I recieved my new comp who is Elder Lunt from Utah. He was born and raised in Washington state near Bothell and at about 14 years he moved to Utah. He's way awesome. He played tennis, loves the office, we have the same career ideas and everything, it's way sick. All the people here say that we´re twins haha. It's pretty sweet.

Also they made me the district leader here. It sucks because I have the Sister leaders, the zone leaders, and the assistants all in the same district... So, I basically constantly get an earfull if the district sucks... Wooooo

also we baptized Michael! A year ago when I was in this ward for the first time Elder Junior (the elder that baptized him) found him and started teaching him, and for problems with the word of wisdom he has had troubles getting baptized. his wife and daughter were baptized the 25 of last december and now almost a year later the husband is getting baptized. I honestly never thought that I would be here to see him get baptized, but what a blessing it really has been to see his progression in this past year.

Also the gangsters searched me and my comp this week and when they realized that we´re super poor and our phone is crap they gave us permission to preach in the part of town as long as we dont tell the cops on them. Haha happy first day to my new gringo comp.

Do good things,

Later kids

Elder Vaughan

Me and my son, the district, Michael's Baptism

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Papa Vaughan Trains Again

So things this week went pretty well. On Tuesday night the assistants called me and told me that I'm going to train a newbie this change. All I know is that he will be from the US. So that's pretty sweet! I'm gonna be a daddy again.

Then on Saturday we had the baptisms of Griselda and her son Bryan. The both of them are way amazing. Ever since the first day we got there they started reading, praying, and going to church. Two Sundays ago was fast and testimony meeting and my comp gave his testimony there, and it was pretty good. Then on Tuesday Griselda told us. "Elder De los Santos, what you shared touched me. I felt something really special. Like how you two explained the feelings of happiness and joy (the Holy Ghost), well I felt that during your testimony. I think that is the answer that I was waiting for." Well thanks to that she got baptised along side her son this Saturday!

Things are going pretty good here, hopefully they can continue and improve even more. I'm gonna have 6 changes in the same ward this change. (thats like 8-9 months o so) and a full year in the same church building hahaha freak bro Im old. 7 months from tomorrow I will be in a plane headed home, but whos counting anyways? Later kids, do good things and serve your neighbor.

Elder Vaughan

Baptism of Griselda and her son Bryan, with a fam I found and was later baptised, the best crew in the world. One of my favorite fams from Las Canas. You might remember the mom that got baptised in Febuary.