Saturday, May 5, 2018

Revisiting Ilopango

So President gave my comp and I permission to go to Ilopango So that I could visit some people before I go home. So yeah, right now we are writing from Ilopango. It's been pretty sweet seeing all these people and seeing how people have changed over these two years. I've met kids where when I first met them they couldnt walk, and now theyre running and talking... yeah it's pretty sweet to see all them. Sad, but way cool. Seriously love Ilopango. But yeah I'm writing pretty quick cause we got stuff to do. and I can't send pics cause this computer sucks a bit.

Love y'all!

Elder Vaughan

(see ya in 2 weeks)

Highway to the Danger Zone

Greetings world! Well, this week was pretty cool. On Saturday my comp and I went to my comps last area for a baptismal service. President gave him permission to return to perform the baptism. So that was pretty cool to go and hangout there. And just so y'all know it was in the most dangerous zone in the mission, and supposidly in the whole world. (that's what I've heard around here) so I can officialy say that I went to the most dangerous zone in the world and I didn't even see 1 gangster. Gotta say I was pretty let down. In Ilopango there were TONS of gangbangers just chilling in broad daylight in the streets, but in my comps area, nothing. But whatever maybe next time.

Also we had the baptismal service of a little girl named Guadalupe Elizabeth. She's a little 8 year old girl. Her parents aren't members for difficult circumstances, but we were able to teach and baptize the little girl. It was kinda chilly out, as you can see it was pretty foggy there. So yeah that was pretty sweet. Hoping to finish off strong here. I guess I can officially say that I have less than 1 month to go... weird.

Later dude!


baptism pics

You're Not Going to Beat My Record, Jesse

Well world, here I go entering into my last month in this country. But no need to think about that. This week was fairly alright. Nothing too crazy, but we´re working and seeing what we can get done here. We´re hoping to baptize 2 kids either at the end of this month or at the beginning of May. And we´re trying to find some newbs. This area is fairly difficult to find new people for the influence of tourism and other religions. So everyone is either working all day or at church all day... But we still chugging along here. My comp Elder De Los Santos is the bomb. Gonna die happy here. But other than that all is well. Today we played capture the flag with water baloons, blew up a bees nest with a football. Taught the sisters how to play american football and they were hitting almost killing eachother there. No worries, it was the sisters playing by themselves, but yeah they were pretty savage out there. Other than that all is well. I just gotta eat about 80 more pupusas to try and beat josh's record. Hoping to get there.

Love y'all,

Elder Vaughan

A cool view in the area, lunch with the zone today, the guy that made it, our district meeting, and a giant frog.

Elder Donovan

So this last week were changes and my companion had changes. And my new companion is Elder De Los Santos!! He was my comp from the end of July till October! So yeah, that's pretty awesome! Him and Elder Lunt have been my favorite companions so it's awesome to be with both of them for 3 changes each.

Well, I'm sorry I didn't really write anything last week, its because we had a big group of people outside to play soccer. The dumb thing is that because I was the only white guy on a team of latinos, is that they through me back as goal keeper. They just called me "Donnavan" (the best American soccer player in history) they only said that because I'm white though, not because I'm good or anything. But it was still fun. But yeah general conference was way dope. Something that I liked that they are changing is the home teaching into ministering. I feel like too many times we do things just because people obligate us or because we dont want other people to think or say bad things about us. But this whole idea of misitering changes that. It will make us truly love and care for the people instead of serving for obligation. If we serve so that man sees us or rewards us, our service is pointless. For that reason the love that we have towards the people we serve is greatly important.

So do it newbs.

In other news we had the baptism of Antonio Ramos. Some members brought him to church a month ago, and since then we started teaching him. He's a pretty cool guy. He´s kindof special, but he understands well, loves to read and learn more, and loves to continually progress more. hoping to see some more fruits in these last few weeks! Love you all and I guess I'll be seeing you soon!

Behave children

Elder Vaughan

Duty Calls

SOOOOOOOO, here I am going to my last change of the mission.

Conference was way good! I really liked the talks about the Holy Ghost and about the Savior. They both are important to work together. To follow the Savior it is important to have the Spirit with us. So JUST DO IT. In other news I thought I had been in this country long enough to eat whatever I wanted, so I ate some hot dog thing from the street and ended up waking up at 12:30 to throw up. Sorry guys Im not writting a lot today because we´ve got a fat group to play soccer right now. So yeah, duty calls.

I love you all!!!!

Elder Vaughan

Pues Si Maje

This week was pretty good. Working hard and hardly working. JK. All is well. We´ve seen some progression with a couple people, slow but sure, and we´re hoping to dunk them in a couple of weeks. The ward is pretty cool.The members are helping us and they´re fun to be with. This morning we went and played soccer with the youth of our ward, which was pretty fun. I haven't been playing a lot recently so I was kind of rusty, but was still able to score a few. The youth here are pretty sweet. We´re going to play again next week as well.

So, I guess I stepped in some drunk guys vommit but I never noticed and right now as I asked my comp if we did anything cool this week he said "You stepped in drunk guy vommit..." oh cool... then he said "I thought you knew..." So yeah my comps got my back I guess. Other than that things are pretty sweek here. One of the asistants to pres. and I are pals so the other day he was doing interchanges here in the zone and I called him and asked him if I'm gonna have changes and he said, "Don't worry. You know what that means right?" soooo YUUUSSS Im most likely gonna stay here for my last change. If not I'mma riot.

Love you all! Keep the commandments and don't be drunk guys throwing up on the side walk so that oblivious gringos walk in it. Read the scriptures and be blessed.

Later dudes.

Elder Vaughan

My breakfast of champs (I dont even have plates in my house)

Children of the Devil

So this week was fairly slow, but my ZL won't let me write more, Mom save me...... have a good week. Love y'all.

My ZL wrote that, but for real my time is up. Everything is well, bassically nothing happened this week, a woman called us children of the devil or something like that. I almost said to her "I guess I'll see you there too." (hell) but I decided that wouldn't be very Christ like. Love you, bye.

Elder Vaughan