Monday, September 26, 2016

Exchanges with the Zone Leaders

Well, this week wasn't all too crazy. Kinda normal and what not, we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I lead one of them around my area and normally we have 3 lessons a day (that is really low) but with him we had 11! Don't know what happened, but just maybe the area is turning around a bit, but it is still pretty hard. Saturday we only had 1... yeah its rough sometimes but still going. And the girl we baptized in my first week, she can't go to church anymore and is moving to a different city and there the church is like 45 minutes away and probably won't continue going to church. so that's a little bit of a bummer.. but other than that, things have just been bleh. I need to start working out more because my pants are feeling kind of tight... I refuse to buy new pants for my whole mission. Only if they get destroyed. Don't worry about me not getting food, because I really wish I could get less. The people here food us a ton of food. Here are some pics from the other week. Here´s a funny story this zone leader from above was looking at my pictures that I have then he saw the one of me Chris and Josh at Chris's graduation in front of old main. He said "oh this looks like a smart school." Oh yes, it is." (Utah State) so there's that.

Elder Vaughan

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rats and Soccer

So this week wasn't anything extraordinary. Pretty bleh actually, but some good things too. Started out the week by killing some rats (latinos think anything that is mouse sized or larger is a rat). We were studying then I saw one run through the hall I shouted "Ratón!" Then my comp freaked out, sealed all the doors grabbed the brooms and set up a battle plan to kill it. Yeah we killed it... then we found his significant other in the bathroom and ended her too.

We also had interviews with president this week. Nothing too special with them, but president really is a great guy and hes got some great ideas and visions for this place.

So we`re teaching this kid of 8 years old and he`s kinda loco but he`s cool, and to help him focus we tell him that if he pays attention then we`ll give him candy and play with him. So we play soccer with him after every lesson, and now he`s telling all his friends/family that Im really good at soccer. Someone called out to me in the street and said "hey I heard you can play soccer!" "huhhhh I guess". Its not hard to play against an 8 year old.

Yeah our area kind of sucks. The ward doesnt help us at all and the people here dont want to listen to us. So we just walk around forever and no one lets us inside. But oh well, we've got some people that at least have a tiny desire do listen.

I would try to attach pics and videos of us with the rats, but my computer is slow...

Later kids!

Elder Vaughan

Monday, September 12, 2016

Snakes, Snakes and More Snakes!

So this week wasn't too crazy, we had lessons and walked around and played with this kids trompo (top thing) after we visited him, and yeah, we were supposed to have interviews with president but stuff changed.

Also, funny/scary/unearving story. We stopped by this tienda to get a drink and its right across the street from a school. So we leave the tienda and make our way on this road, some girls (5 or 6) were pressed up against this barbed wire fence and saying "Hello my name is.....!" (in English). I just kept walking and said "Hello, have a nice day". Then we passed back by this school a while later and some different girls were yelling "Chelito! Hey Chelito!" (bassically 'little white boy') and making kissing noises (which means... well you know...). I ignored them and kept walking then one of them yelled out "Gayyyyyyy!" so yeah that was fairly interesting. Now my comp refers to me as "chelito".

This one day we left our house and it was pouring down rain like none other and I forgot my unbrella at someones house and my comp doesnt have one so we got soaked. Then we entered this house and we were teaching these ladies and our shirts were most definitely see through. you could see our nips, and they knew it too. So that was fun, but it all turned out well.

Also turns out the mom of our mission president died, so that kind of threw things off for a bit, but hes still here and working well.

Another story with the snakes. I was shaking hands with one as we were leaving and she WOULDNT LET GO. She stared me in the eyes and said "Your eyes are mine.", and tried pulling me towards her. I closed my eyes and was fighting back, then finally she released. I have never been so scared in my life. We will never go back to her house.

So last night I remembered it was 9/11 so I turned on some American music and looked through old pictures and stuff, because this is a day to remeber families and this tragic event. So then my comp said "oh yeah thats when Bin Laden crapped on those pinche gringos", I almost punched him square in the nose. Those people are not "pinche Gringos" they are inocent people whose lives ended too soon, because of the acts of evil people. (I'm not allowed to get too political here), so yeah I didnt talk with him the rest of the night. But I do hope people remember this day and remember their families because we won't have them forever. Sometimes shiz happens. Love you all.

Elder Vaughan

Monday, September 5, 2016

Snakes and a Temple Trip

So I’ll start out with the worst of things and build my way up.

Remember what a snake is? A person that tries super hard to flirt with you. Yeah so we went to visit the family of this snake on Monday, and all was well. We greeted the brother at the door, se llama Beto, and he was happy and everything then left on his bike because he had to go to the store or something, not sure. Then we visited with the snake and her dad, then on Wednesday we returned and everyone was crying and there was a ton of people at the house. Turns out Beto got murdered right after we said bye to him Monday night. He rode off to another city, Usulutan, and was killed that night. so yeah . . .

To brighten things up I was walking in the street one of this days and I got cat-called. These Latinas are straight up freaky man. If for some reason I don’t make it out of this country alive, it’s because of the Latinas. Not because of gangsters. These snakes are scary man.

But hey on Tuesday we went to the temple! That was way cool! I mean besides the fact I had to wake up at 2:30 AM, but oh well, it was still way super good.

Things are going well with my new comp. We get along well and everything. Trying to think of anything special that happened, but not really. We had a lesson with the mom of an investigator, and my comp did the whole lesson by himself because it needed to be super clear for her. So I just played with the little kids. Yeah I said like two whole sentences within the span of an hour.

Also Ally Kelley is a legend here, sorry Josh. Everyone knows and loves her! So congrats Ally, you killed it in El Salv.

But yeah health, safety, and all that jazz is good.

Elder Vaughan

Here are some pictures. Me with the zone, my awkward smile with the dope care package, me and Elder Sligting and the temple. Temple selfie. Me and my new comp. Temple bichos (don’t worry that’s not a bad word).