Monday, September 26, 2016

Exchanges with the Zone Leaders

Well, this week wasn't all too crazy. Kinda normal and what not, we had exchanges with the zone leaders and I lead one of them around my area and normally we have 3 lessons a day (that is really low) but with him we had 11! Don't know what happened, but just maybe the area is turning around a bit, but it is still pretty hard. Saturday we only had 1... yeah its rough sometimes but still going. And the girl we baptized in my first week, she can't go to church anymore and is moving to a different city and there the church is like 45 minutes away and probably won't continue going to church. so that's a little bit of a bummer.. but other than that, things have just been bleh. I need to start working out more because my pants are feeling kind of tight... I refuse to buy new pants for my whole mission. Only if they get destroyed. Don't worry about me not getting food, because I really wish I could get less. The people here food us a ton of food. Here are some pics from the other week. Here´s a funny story this zone leader from above was looking at my pictures that I have then he saw the one of me Chris and Josh at Chris's graduation in front of old main. He said "oh this looks like a smart school." Oh yes, it is." (Utah State) so there's that.

Elder Vaughan

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