Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday Pupusa Eating Contest

On this day 20 years ago I was born. Wooo hoo. I was born into the world vomiting and pooping all over the place, so what better way to celebrate the big 20 doing the same things I did when I was born? Yeah this little boy is a little sick.

So a week ago I had one of those weird evil spirit experiences. Long story short I saw a shadow of a human body move accross the wall of my house, when it disappeared a huge force came over my body that I had never felt before in my life. I couldn't move at all. Then it came to my mind to use the priesthood. As I got half way through the sentence the force got stronger and I almost couldnt talk, as if it was trying to keep me from talking. I pushed through and finished casting that shiz out. when I finished the sentence the force went away and I was left heavely breathing. Maybe I was just dreaming super werid, but that definietly strengthened my testimony of the priesthood.

Then this Wednesday we had a pupusa eating competition with another companionship here. Long story short, after an hour of downing pupusas I tied for second place with 19. The winner was 20. We had 20, 19, 19, and 18.5. The next morning I threw up like none other. Then the day after I threw up again then I was feeling back to normal. Then last night we ate two big dinners and I threw up again today in the morning... wooooo happy birthday! I should have stopped eating sooner, but my pride got in the way and I wanted to win. FYI, the winner was a lineman in football, a bigger dude and I was only 1 behind...

Love yall!!!

Elder Vaughan

Opening my birthday present, my pupusa competition count,

Sorry I look so ugly and crappy in these pics. About 5 minutes after opening up the present, I threw up....

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Elder Perez, The Second

So we had changes this past week and my companion left. For the longest time they kept moving me around, but finally, I'm staying! My new companion is Elder Perez from Guatemala. Some of you might say "Hey what happened didn't he have Elder Perez from Guate as a comp?" Yeah, it's a different Elder Perez that was companions with the Perez that I was with. If that even makes any sense. He has about 15 months in the mission and is pretty dope.

This past Saturday we had a ward activity celebrating father's day and mother's day (the both of them together) and it was pretty dope. We (the missionaries) had to do a little skit there and it went alright, I guess, and one of my investigators has a mariachi band that he brought and they played there. It was pretty sick!

We also had a baptism this past week. An 8-year-old girl named Jenifer. Technically it doesn't count for us because her parents are members, but they are inactive, so I'm gonna count it for us because we did all the work to get them to church. Well, We might have another baptism this week. Depends on this woman. If she is still mad at us or not. She's been avoiding us and hasn't talked to us in over a week now... .

Later kids. love God and do good things.

Elder Vaughan

A Visit From Elder Renlund

So I'm running out of time, but this Tuesday Elder Renlund of the 12 apostles came here and talked to the three missions of El Salvador. It was a great talk. Mainly about missionary work and of the Seventy, ELder Alonso also came. What I remember right now and what I liked most was the testimony that I received of his calling as an apostle of the Lord, and realidad of the Church of Jesus today. I received a strong witness that those men have been called of God to work in what they are working on.

Bad news, we were supposed to have a baptism today, and the lady told us beforehand that she didn't want anyone to come, NO ONE AT ALL, and other missionaries planned their baptism for the same time . . . So, long story short, she canceled her baptism, won't talk to us, and said: "Let's just hope they have changes this week." So I guess we will see what happens.

Obey the commandments and dont do drugs.

Good bye, Elder Vaughan

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Eating Butter

Sorry I forgot to write, and now I'm like out of time. But I played Uno with a family last night after dinner and the losers had to eat butter. It was lit. We didn't have a baptism this past weekend the lady had to work, but we will have it this coming Sunday. and the Sunday after that we will have one for a little girl (we should have one) other than that things are good. We had 8 investigators in sacrament meeting which was dope and I think the best from the whole zone (not trying to brag just stating a fact). But yeah that's pretty much it oh and tomorrow Elder Rasband from the 12 is coming to speak in a multi-mission meeting. A big meeting with all 3 missions of El Salvador.


Elder Vaughan

Pics of them eating butter, the birthday of the wife of our cook, and the view at night from our balcony.