Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sharp Piñatas

So this week was pretty good. Five people were able to go to church and they are all looking pretty positive. We are teaching this one family of four. The husband wife and two boys 8 and 6 years old, and they are super cool. The hard part is that the husband really doesn't like anything to do with any church so he´s kind of hindering the progress of his wife and his son. But either way those two went to church and are both pretty set for baptism. Let's see how things turn out this week. Other than that, just the normal locuras and what not of the mission life. Hoping to see some progress here. Last week of the change.

Love y'all.

Elder Vaughan

She got her mission call to Argentina, celebrating Melissa's brothers birthday (Melissa is the girl that got the mission call), some road. I somehow managed to slice my arm open on a pinata... don't ask how.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Conference Tattoos

So this week was fairly well. In case you didn't know, this week we got to watch general conference. It was a pretty solid conference. I liked Saturday more than anything. They talked a lot about service and God's plan for us. Sister Bonnie Oscarsen said that if we don't serve others our life has little purpose. It's that important! So get off your fannies and serve people! Then Elder Pingree said that if we serve others, God will direct us in the paths where we should go. Someone else also said that we won't find out where God wants us to go just sitting down and following the flow of things. We gotta get up off our butts and work and do what God has commanded us to do and if we do that, he will guide us. So go and do something.

Side note, I got some dope sleeve tattoos.

Elder Vaughan

My new tats, and my new hymn book cover

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Drive-by Shenanigans

So this week was fairly normal but overall good. We´re having a little bit more success here. Other than that we were partying a lot with the district for my comp. The pics are below. The assistants dropped us off at our house (they have a car) and let's just say the friendly neighborhood gangsters thought we were trying to do a drive-by and they started running then got mad when they realized it was just the gringos. Haha later kids. Make good decisions.

My comps b-day, drunk guys dancing, and we taught a guy to dance.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pupusas in Apulo

So we finally were able to bring some people to church this week. It's a pretty dope family of four. We´ll see what happens with them this week.

Also this past Friday was Independence Day (for all of Central America, except Panama) so we were partying it up pretty much the whole week. It was dope. I'll send some pics and stuff of all that went down.

Things have been pretty sweet in these weeks. The district is pretty cool and everything, and we have a few positive people. Hopefully they can progress more and more this week.

Have a great week my children. Be safe and be smart. Read the scriptures and go to church.

Salu chele

Elder Vaughan

P-day last week we went to a place called Apulo, pupusas and kolashanpan (typical food and drink here) for breakfast on Independence Day (September 15th). My bishop and his wife doing a traditional dance, other people doing a different dance.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bowling with Bagged Horchata

So this week has been pretty hard in general. Once again we couldn't get anyone to church, but no worries we will here soon. I don't know if I said anything last week, but me and my comp are staying together this change. Hopefully in this comeing week there will be some more news.

I read a talk about america being a promised land or in other words a land prepared by God, that will never be destroyed, but it says that it will only keep those promises if we are obedient. So be obedient children.

Just some pics from last monday, when we went bowling and what not.

Have a killer week.

Elder Vaughan

El Salvador del Mundo monument and an horchata in a bag. The crew bowling.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Volcano and a Special Guest

So this week was pretty sweet overall! Starting out with Monday, after I wrote y'all last week we went to this place called ¨El Boquerón¨ or something like that, and its a volcano. It's way sick. It's kindof like Mt. St. Helens where the volcano has a huge 'ol crater. This place was way amazing. A family from my old ward drove us out there and back. After going there, I was convinced to return here again someday. Ive always said that the dangers of this country might not permit me, but there are plenty of places that are safe and I would love to visit again. This country is pretty dang amazing. On Wednesday Elder Ochoa from the 70 came and spoke to us, and our zone prepared a couple of special musical numbers and it was pretty sweet. One of his recomendations (not only as missionaries but for everyone) is to never lose the faith. He invited us to write down in a journal or something scriptures about faith, and whenever we feel down or everyday if we want, before leaving the house, we pull out that journal and read a couple of scriptures. He said a lot of other things too, but I left my journal in the house and I can't think very well. I felt really good about it all and learned a lot from him. Also they told us about changes and it looks like I will be staying for another change in this area. It looks like I will have like 7 months all together in this ward and like 10 attending the same church building... It's nuts man. I was kind of hoping for changes, but whatever, the time will come. love y'all! Don't lose the faith and love God! Elder Vaughan The group at a cool lookout point, me and my comp, here's the top of the volcano. Some missionaries broke the key inside he door so the neighbohood kids tried helping us.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Not-so-Heavenly Protection

So this week was a little disappointing because we had like 5 people that were 100% ready to go to church and were going to go and everything, but for whatever unknown and irritating reason, they didn't go. We were going to baptize one of them this week, but since she didn't go yesterday she cant be baptized. but we'll see what happens in this week if we can get them to progress more.

The cool part is that 5 or so people that I was teaching in my last area are getting baptized. It sucks to not be there in the area with them, but it nice to see that they are going to follow through still. It's nice to see the fruits of my labors.

Also a super awesome part of the week. We had interchanges with some other areas, and when we were heading back to the house a group of gangsters wistled at us and told us to go to them. So we went to them. Then the boss of these guys, (obvious he was the boss for the head tattoos and the way he controled the others) asked us, "Hey what are you guys doing here". So we responded "preaching the gospel of Christ", then he said, "uh huh. okay, but like what exactly do you preach?". So we shared the message of the restoration with them, gave them each a pamphlet of it, and the restoration movie to watch in their house. During our lesson, we asked them, "and do you guys pray?" and the boss said, " oh of course, everyday!" we said, "Oh really?! And what do you pray about?" He said "Well I ask God to protect me and my friends and I ask him to protect me from whatever bad guy (malvado) that comes and tries to hurt me." ...... Then he told us, "Yeah, it may not seem like it, but we do have feelings as well. You may only see this side of us, but when we get home we need time to relax, and reflect on life." So that was one amazing lesson we had. We just forgot to pray at the end and invite them to be baptized. The hardest question one of the guys asked was, "If I die right now, will I go to heaven or hell?" Yeah, that could have been risky... but we just told him that he would go to the spirit world and wait to be resurected and judged. Then when we had finished we asked them what their names are and they said, "well, we do have names, but people here just know us by our nicknames. His name is baldy (pelon), his is bee (aveja)........." and they all told us their nicknames and then said that if anyone messes with us or if we need anything at all that we just need to tell them, and theyll help us out. So if anyone was worried for my well being, you no longer need to worry! I've got the protection of the boys fromn the hood. Have a great week, love God, and be good boys and girls.

Elder Vaughan

Pic from a cool viewpoint in the area, and in the streets and what not.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Pretty Bland Week

So this week was fairly bland. Nothing too crazy to report on. One day we were looking for some less actives that the bishop asked us to look for and we had gotten a little lost in the streets. So we decided to ask a guy that was sitting on his front steps for help. We couldn't see him very well just his legs and his hand that had a cigarrete in it. (for the angle that we were at in the road) so we got up to him and sitting right next to him was a gangster that we had seen before. Hes super inked up on the head and body and everything (its amazing bro, you gotta trust me) and a member told us that his nickname is "Fósforo" which means "Match" because he is super white and hes got super red hair. So I thought to myself, "Ah crap not this guy" But he was super cool, helped us with the directions we shook hands and said bye. I almost sayed "Hey thanks match!" But I dont know what he would do to me... hahaha

We contacted a house in a different part of town, and a 20ish year old guy told us to come back later at night. We returned that night and only is sister and mom were there and they didn't believe us that he told us to come back. So after a little bit of convincing they let us in. A couple minutes later this guy showed up to the house and was all drugged up and said "Ah I didnt think they were going to take me seriously!! I don't even believe in God!" then his sister got mad at him and scolded him for being a turd to people that preach about God. Then she listened to us. It was pretty sweet. Turns out here dad had passed away a few years ago and when he passed away her brother started doing bad stuff. It was pretty sad, but it was a pretty cool lesson.

Have a good week my children, follow jesus and don't be doing stupid things. Elder Vaughan

Found a kid with a Seattle Mariners shirt, Elder Williams practicing his "Haka" Face.

Bonus note from Josh: Tonight, an old friend of mine from my mission in El Salvador, Arnulfo, was in Ilopango visiting his girlfriend when he ran into Elder Vaughan, who was visiting Arnulfo's girlfriend's family. So naturally Arnulfo took a picture with him and sent it to me via Facebook tonight.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Temple Trip and a Broken Table

Well nothing really interesting this week. A little rough in this new area, because the missionaries that were here before us are the assistants and they basically never worked in the area and were in the office all day. So we have had to start from scratch and as of right now we don't have a whole lot of positive people (like 1 maybe) so we gonna go nuts in these weeks trying to find new people.

Other than that we had an activity in the temple with the whole mission and with investigators, and basically everyone in the country. Pretty sweet, I got to see a bunch of people from my old areas, and I just handed out cookies and juice and roasted the little kids when they tried coming back for seconds and thirds. And I broke a table... Other than that nothing really new. I'll hopefully have something sweet to tell next week!

Peace out dudes.

Elder Vaughan

The district in the temple, me with my son and grandson.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Back in a Familiar Place

So I have now been moved back to one of my old wards. It's pretty cool to be back with these people again, but also really weird. We only have a couple people that the other missionaries were teaching before, so it's pretty rough, because we have to start from scratch. It's also hard because my area is like 30 min from the church building (by bus) and where the church building is at belongs to a different gang than my area. So that's also pretty rough. But I'm excited to start over and get back on top of things. To work well and to really help people out here. I know it will be hard, but Im excited for the opportunity to work hard here.

We were looking for a new house because our current one stinks and we entered into this private community and we checked out some model houses they have and I legit felt like I was in the US the houses are so nice. I told my comp that I would easily buy one of those if it were in the US.

But yeah that's basically my week. I am not in the most dangerous are of the district which is pretty sweet. But it's not really that dangerous because there is only one gang here, its just that half the population of my area are gangbangers hahaha have a fantastic week my children and keep the commandments. Don't be stupid please.

Elder Vaughan

Also here's a baptism that we had on Sunday that is from my old area. This guy is super awesome he always talks to me about soccer. Some awesome people that we said bye to, and a dope sombrero.

Oh, and my comp is Elder de Los Santos from the Dominican Republic.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Star Wars

So yeah, me and my comp have changes. We now know that we won't be staying together, and that I will be returning to my old ward in Las Cañas this Tuesday. Awesome story, I bought this little kid a Star Wars toy, because we both love Star Wars. After he opened up the wrapping paper he was super happy. Then he turned around and pulled out a gift for me. It turns out he had bought me a Star Wars toy as well!!!! I gave him a toy of Kylo Ren and he got me one of Darth Vader. Woot woot, go dark side. Also a lady in the pics below named Karen went to the US this past week and will be there for a couple months. So we took pics with her, she is way super dope. There's my week basically!! I love y'all, and remember: "O be wise, what can I say more?" Jacob 6:12 Pics with my comp, the Star Wars toys, wedding of a guy from my old area in Las Cañas.