Saturday, December 2, 2017

A FAT Lunch

So, this week was pretty sweet. Last pday we went to El Bouqeron again and it was way sweet. I'll send pics in another email. On Thursday we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. In the morning we went and played a turkey bowl game of American football and it was pretty dang fun. I caught a pass for a 30-40 yard gain spinning and juking out a couple guys in my way, a touchdown pass, and the game winning interception. I don't play football but I had fun, and it was pretty cool. So, my comp knows a lady from his home ward who is from El Salvador and she has a sister here in the country still. She brought us two big boxes of food on Wednesday with chicken, 3 pies, sandwhiches, and all the in-between! So we had a FAT lunch on Thursday with all that. Then for dinner a family cooked a fat chicken salad, corn on the cob, rice, and an apple pie. Wow. It was amazing! It was such a delicious dinner!!! Then we had some baptisms. I was asked to baptize an investigator of the sisters, and then We had the baptisms of Rocio and Carolina on Sunday. It was awesome. That family of Carolina and Rocio is way awesome. They are family of our second counselor of the ward, and this family has progressed a ton in the short time that we have known them. I love the family so much and it was so great to see them progress and really gain a testimony. Things are going pretty well here. They just told me that I won't be getting changed. I will have 6 months in this area, and 10 all together in the ward. and like 13 in the district... just a bit of time.... but I'm excited to stay here with everyone. I'll continue as district leader as well.

Love you all.

Be good and keep the commandments.

Elder Vaughan

Baptism of the sisters, our baptism of family Jorge, and at their house later that day. Bouqueron, Thanksgiving.

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