Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Grand Theft Elder (Part II)

Hey, what's up? So this week we returned to that place where we got robbed, and well, they robbed us again then said "We don't want to see you two here anymore. Leave now." Alright, see ya. So ya we ain't going back to that part of town anytime soon (ever again).

We also moved houses and now we're living the four missionaries from the ward. Note, we didn't move for getting threatened. That was just a coincidence. we also went to the temple and it was way awesome. I was thinking a lot about my future and everything and didn't know what I should do. So I opened up the scriptures and started reading a chapter. The chapter I read started out by saying basically, that the only thing that matters is that I keep the commandments and everything else will go into place. So there ya go kids. Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper.

Have a good week, love y'all. Also we should have 2 baptisms this week.

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