Monday, November 13, 2017

La Canchita

Well this week was pretty good, fairly normal overall. On Saturday we played basketball and I was killing it pretty good, not to lie. Rebounding, sinking threes, and what not.

We went to an awesome Halloween party on Tuesday. I think by next Monday I'll have the picks of it for y'all. This week was fairly hard with the work. We were able to find a lot of people, but they weren't all that positive. But We will just keep going.

On Tuesday while we were teaching this one guy in a part of this neighborhood called "La Canchita" (the little court) a couple gangsters came and asked for a glass of water from our investigator. while we were sitting there waiting we said "Hey hows it going?" they didn't respond. Instead they just glared at us, then they asked my comp what he had in his backpack, we told him the bible and all that stuff, and I guess he didn't trust us, so he grabbed his bag and pulled everything out to search it. then they left and returned 5 seconds later saying "I've got a doubt.", then he opened up my backpack and searched everything in it . . . then they left again. We finished the lesson and left, as we left the house those two guys entered in again and told us to wait. So we waited. They got to us and said "Queremos baras" (we want money), but what I heard at first was "Queremos balas." (we want bullets) so yeah I basically crapped my pants and thought I was gonna die right there. I just said "what?" and they said "In other words give us 10 bucks" I only had 1.50 on me, but my comp had 10 so he pulled it out and gave it to them. Then they left. So yeah, we won't be entering into La Canchita anymore, because that's like the 5th time they've stopped us there. But yeah, it was pretty cool. No worries though, we safe. Nothing can kill us gringo studs.

Also were going bowling today.

Later kids.

Elder Vaughan

By the way, 6.5 months left.

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