Monday, November 13, 2017

Los Obedientes Shall be Rewarded

So this week was fairly average. We went bowling again on p-day and I hit my all time high score. Also on Wednesday we had a zone purification meeting, or basically a meeting to help us all refocus and be mas obedientes basically. I had to teach about virtue, knowledge, and patience. To help me teach about patience, I started out by telling everyone to stand up (for no reason at all) then we watched a video and talked about virtue, then we talked about knowledge and played a little scripture chase game, and by the end of everything everyone was sitting down. So I gave like 20 starbursts to the person that was up the longest. and told everyone that patience pays off. That we may not understand why we have to do something, but it always pays off when we are diligent and obedientes to what we are told. love y'all have a good week. Elder Vaughan

A family from my old ward got married, my awesome game of bowling with a score of 149. and some of the group at bowling.

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