Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Pupusa Count Update

So I wrote out a whole email then my internet crashed and didn't save the email in my drafts. Here's the important stuff: 44 pupusas in the past 6 weeks. 110 in all. I weigh 156lbs (with shoes and stuff) I've gained a solid 15lbs. Thanks a lot, pupusas. We had a Christmas party as a mission and played water games and what not. Got to talk with the fam, that was aight I guess. JK. I forgot the other stuff that I wrote, but all is well here. People celebrate Christmas like they celebrate the 4th of July.

Love yall

Elder Vaughan

My zone, Christmas breakfast, with Elder Williams at the Christmas party

Monday, December 19, 2016

Too Much Smiling and Sleep Talking

So this week was pretty good, nothing too crazy. We did some service and painted the roof of a member's house which was cool. So they said that normal paint is too expensive, so she bought a big jug of white glue and mixed it with some water. Yeah that was our paint to paint this ladies roof. It was super drippy and we almost painted the floor better than the roof. This day also proved that I should never be trusted with painting. I am pretty terrible at it, but its aight. Apparently I have been talking a lot in my sleep, and a little in Spanish. Last night my comp said I was crying and whining a bit. So yeah thats interesting. My future wife will have some entertaining nights listening to me. Also we have exchanges of companions this week for a day, and I went with an Elder Stout from WASHINGTON! he is from moses lake and goes home like 3 days after Christmas. He was assistant to the president for 6 months and he is super sweet. We had a good day, and he said that I need to smile more. So we were talking to this lady and I was smiling real big (because he told me too) and she was flirting super hard. So yeah we got out of there. Then he told me I need to control my smile or else I will win over too many Salvadoran girls here. So there is my week in a nutshell. 1 week until Christmas kiddos!!

"...I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus" Acts 21:13

Pupusas and my comp, and the street that I live on

Searching for More to Teach

Just my luck, Seattle would win the championship the year I flee the country.

Well another week in the books. Nothing too crazy to report on, just normal stuff really. We've started exploring more in some parts of our area. Like the parts where members gasp because they find out we visit down there. Apparently its dangerous, its all good though. Its hard there because a lot of the doors are closed and a lot of people have already "accepted Jesus.... know his gospel.... set in the path of God" or something like that. So sometimes we walk around for like 3 or 4 hours with nothing happening. its kind of a bummer but we still keep working and doing what we know that we need to do. With time and hard work things will change and get better. We'll find people ready to listen, we just have to keep looking and working hard.

Love ya'll.

Elder Vaughan

Me and my companion in a cyber cafe.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Still Kickin' it in Ilopango

yoooooooo! 6 months and almost Christmas time. To answer the question everyone will have: Yes, time has flown by and at the same time, it hasn't. Time went by normal wich wasn't slow or fast. Sorry if that's not too exciting, but here I am kicking around in Ilopango. Things are going alright, people here are a little more hard and not as accepting. In San Miguel, it was fairly easy to enter a house and teach people, but here they aren't as accepting and don't want to listen, and then when they accept us they say that they accepted us just because they don't want to be punished by God or something. But we're still going. Nothing too exciting to report on this week, and no pictures either. Lo siento.

Tenga una buena semana.

Elder Vaughan