Monday, December 19, 2016

Searching for More to Teach

Just my luck, Seattle would win the championship the year I flee the country.

Well another week in the books. Nothing too crazy to report on, just normal stuff really. We've started exploring more in some parts of our area. Like the parts where members gasp because they find out we visit down there. Apparently its dangerous, its all good though. Its hard there because a lot of the doors are closed and a lot of people have already "accepted Jesus.... know his gospel.... set in the path of God" or something like that. So sometimes we walk around for like 3 or 4 hours with nothing happening. its kind of a bummer but we still keep working and doing what we know that we need to do. With time and hard work things will change and get better. We'll find people ready to listen, we just have to keep looking and working hard.

Love ya'll.

Elder Vaughan

Me and my companion in a cyber cafe.

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