Monday, July 24, 2017

Star Wars

So yeah, me and my comp have changes. We now know that we won't be staying together, and that I will be returning to my old ward in Las Cañas this Tuesday. Awesome story, I bought this little kid a Star Wars toy, because we both love Star Wars. After he opened up the wrapping paper he was super happy. Then he turned around and pulled out a gift for me. It turns out he had bought me a Star Wars toy as well!!!! I gave him a toy of Kylo Ren and he got me one of Darth Vader. Woot woot, go dark side. Also a lady in the pics below named Karen went to the US this past week and will be there for a couple months. So we took pics with her, she is way super dope. There's my week basically!! I love y'all, and remember: "O be wise, what can I say more?" Jacob 6:12 Pics with my comp, the Star Wars toys, wedding of a guy from my old area in Las Cañas.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Familiar Faces

So this week was fairly normal, nothing too crazy to report on. Just the coolest thing ever... I saw the KELLEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new president and wife of the Santa Ana Mission!!! Wednesday I had to go to immigration to become a legal resident again, and while I was waiting talking with some other missionaries someone said, "Hey, missionaries from the other mission!", and in my mind I thought something like, "Ah, what chumps...", then I turned around and saw these two amazing people! It was almost like seeing my parents... well, they basically are my second set of parents. Vadawn Kelley broke the rules and hugged me so don't tell anyone. It was way awesome!!!!

In other news, next week we have changes and we already know that they are going to move both me and my companion. Below I attached a picture of what the areas of my district are. There are three areas in my current ward which is Alta Vista. I am in the area Alta Vista 2. Then there is a little house that I drew which is the church building for both of the wards. Now if you remember, I was in Las Canas before. For one change my area covered both Las Canas 1 and 2, then after that change they split my area in 2 and I was then in Las Canas 1. Hopefully that made sense. So the Assistants to President are in Las Canas 2 and they told us that they are going to switch areas with me and my companion. Alta Vista 2 and Las Canas 2, and it's because we have a big house with a garage for the car that they have... so in other words, I will be returning to the ward Las Canas again!!! At the end of the next change I will have spent 6 of my 11 changes in this district, attending the same church building... and who knows for how much time I'll be in Las Canas again hahaha.

Love God, and read the scriptures my children, be obedient and recieve blessings from God.

Sweet, later dudes

Elder Vaughan

The sky looked pretty cool, I found other parents! waiting for the bus after taco bell with the crew, savior of the world statue, and the picture of the areas of my district.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Search and Rescue

So this week was fairly normal but at the same time crazy. Our neighbors tell us that they hear noises from our house at the hours that we're not there... Like as if someone was trying to nail something into the wall... So, that's interesting.

Also the assistants came to our house at like 11PM this week and told us "GET DRESSED RIGHT NOW! WE GOTTA GO!" So we got dressed and went looking for a couple elders that had not responded. Long story short, I thought the gangsters had killed them, they were doing something bad, or they had beaten eachother up, because those two don't get along at all. We found them and they say that they were "Deep asleep" and didn't hear a thing. Just to let you know we were throwing rocks at the door and their beds are 5 feet from the door...... who knows what happened.

We had our first multizona with the new pres and his wife and below are pictures of them. Try to be like jesus my children and dont do drugs.


with the district and the new pres and wife

Emergency Changes... Or Not.

So this week was good! So the assistants called us Tuesday night and told us that me and my companion had emergency changes, and that the asistents were going to take over our are and that we were going to go to their area. Long story short, me and my comp didn't like that so we called President, he came to us and we had an interview with him. He told the assistants not to make that change until the end of the month (the normal day of changes. So that was cool. Oh and BTW if I do go to that area of the asistents I will be returning to my old ward, and my old area... before my area there was super big, but then they divided it in two. So I would be going to the other half of the area that I was in for only a short amount of time and in the same ward as before, which would be sweet if that happens, because I love the ward and the ward (from what I can see) loves me!

Also president Vasquez went home this week and the new president is President Duran from Honduras. I met him Saturday and he seems to be pretty cool. I guess we will see what happens with him!!!

Also we had the baptism of Roxana!!! Pics below. We were able to solve our problems with her and she was finally able to do it! So there is my week.

God exists and so does his gospel. So be good kids and don't be an idiot.

Nos vemos bichos

Elder Vaughan

Note: The last image below was sent to us from President and Sister Kelley, as they ran into Jesse at the immigration office in San Salvador this week! The Kelly's are serving as mission president in the Santa Ana - Belize Mission, adjacent to Elder Vaughan in the San Salvador East mission.