Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Search and Rescue

So this week was fairly normal but at the same time crazy. Our neighbors tell us that they hear noises from our house at the hours that we're not there... Like as if someone was trying to nail something into the wall... So, that's interesting.

Also the assistants came to our house at like 11PM this week and told us "GET DRESSED RIGHT NOW! WE GOTTA GO!" So we got dressed and went looking for a couple elders that had not responded. Long story short, I thought the gangsters had killed them, they were doing something bad, or they had beaten eachother up, because those two don't get along at all. We found them and they say that they were "Deep asleep" and didn't hear a thing. Just to let you know we were throwing rocks at the door and their beds are 5 feet from the door...... who knows what happened.

We had our first multizona with the new pres and his wife and below are pictures of them. Try to be like jesus my children and dont do drugs.


with the district and the new pres and wife

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