Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Emergency Changes... Or Not.

So this week was good! So the assistants called us Tuesday night and told us that me and my companion had emergency changes, and that the asistents were going to take over our are and that we were going to go to their area. Long story short, me and my comp didn't like that so we called President, he came to us and we had an interview with him. He told the assistants not to make that change until the end of the month (the normal day of changes. So that was cool. Oh and BTW if I do go to that area of the asistents I will be returning to my old ward, and my old area... before my area there was super big, but then they divided it in two. So I would be going to the other half of the area that I was in for only a short amount of time and in the same ward as before, which would be sweet if that happens, because I love the ward and the ward (from what I can see) loves me!

Also president Vasquez went home this week and the new president is President Duran from Honduras. I met him Saturday and he seems to be pretty cool. I guess we will see what happens with him!!!

Also we had the baptism of Roxana!!! Pics below. We were able to solve our problems with her and she was finally able to do it! So there is my week.

God exists and so does his gospel. So be good kids and don't be an idiot.

Nos vemos bichos

Elder Vaughan

Note: The last image below was sent to us from President and Sister Kelley, as they ran into Jesse at the immigration office in San Salvador this week! The Kelly's are serving as mission president in the Santa Ana - Belize Mission, adjacent to Elder Vaughan in the San Salvador East mission.

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