Thursday, October 19, 2017

Papa Vaughan Trains Again

So things this week went pretty well. On Tuesday night the assistants called me and told me that I'm going to train a newbie this change. All I know is that he will be from the US. So that's pretty sweet! I'm gonna be a daddy again.

Then on Saturday we had the baptisms of Griselda and her son Bryan. The both of them are way amazing. Ever since the first day we got there they started reading, praying, and going to church. Two Sundays ago was fast and testimony meeting and my comp gave his testimony there, and it was pretty good. Then on Tuesday Griselda told us. "Elder De los Santos, what you shared touched me. I felt something really special. Like how you two explained the feelings of happiness and joy (the Holy Ghost), well I felt that during your testimony. I think that is the answer that I was waiting for." Well thanks to that she got baptised along side her son this Saturday!

Things are going pretty good here, hopefully they can continue and improve even more. I'm gonna have 6 changes in the same ward this change. (thats like 8-9 months o so) and a full year in the same church building hahaha freak bro Im old. 7 months from tomorrow I will be in a plane headed home, but whos counting anyways? Later kids, do good things and serve your neighbor.

Elder Vaughan

Baptism of Griselda and her son Bryan, with a fam I found and was later baptised, the best crew in the world. One of my favorite fams from Las Canas. You might remember the mom that got baptised in Febuary.

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