Monday, October 23, 2017

An Unwelcome Salvadoran Welcome

So, this week I recieved my new comp who is Elder Lunt from Utah. He was born and raised in Washington state near Bothell and at about 14 years he moved to Utah. He's way awesome. He played tennis, loves the office, we have the same career ideas and everything, it's way sick. All the people here say that we´re twins haha. It's pretty sweet.

Also they made me the district leader here. It sucks because I have the Sister leaders, the zone leaders, and the assistants all in the same district... So, I basically constantly get an earfull if the district sucks... Wooooo

also we baptized Michael! A year ago when I was in this ward for the first time Elder Junior (the elder that baptized him) found him and started teaching him, and for problems with the word of wisdom he has had troubles getting baptized. his wife and daughter were baptized the 25 of last december and now almost a year later the husband is getting baptized. I honestly never thought that I would be here to see him get baptized, but what a blessing it really has been to see his progression in this past year.

Also the gangsters searched me and my comp this week and when they realized that we´re super poor and our phone is crap they gave us permission to preach in the part of town as long as we dont tell the cops on them. Haha happy first day to my new gringo comp.

Do good things,

Later kids

Elder Vaughan

Me and my son, the district, Michael's Baptism

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