Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Volcano and a Special Guest

So this week was pretty sweet overall! Starting out with Monday, after I wrote y'all last week we went to this place called ¨El BoquerĂ³n¨ or something like that, and its a volcano. It's way sick. It's kindof like Mt. St. Helens where the volcano has a huge 'ol crater. This place was way amazing. A family from my old ward drove us out there and back. After going there, I was convinced to return here again someday. Ive always said that the dangers of this country might not permit me, but there are plenty of places that are safe and I would love to visit again. This country is pretty dang amazing. On Wednesday Elder Ochoa from the 70 came and spoke to us, and our zone prepared a couple of special musical numbers and it was pretty sweet. One of his recomendations (not only as missionaries but for everyone) is to never lose the faith. He invited us to write down in a journal or something scriptures about faith, and whenever we feel down or everyday if we want, before leaving the house, we pull out that journal and read a couple of scriptures. He said a lot of other things too, but I left my journal in the house and I can't think very well. I felt really good about it all and learned a lot from him. Also they told us about changes and it looks like I will be staying for another change in this area. It looks like I will have like 7 months all together in this ward and like 10 attending the same church building... It's nuts man. I was kind of hoping for changes, but whatever, the time will come. love y'all! Don't lose the faith and love God! Elder Vaughan The group at a cool lookout point, me and my comp, here's the top of the volcano. Some missionaries broke the key inside he door so the neighbohood kids tried helping us.

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