Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Not-so-Heavenly Protection

So this week was a little disappointing because we had like 5 people that were 100% ready to go to church and were going to go and everything, but for whatever unknown and irritating reason, they didn't go. We were going to baptize one of them this week, but since she didn't go yesterday she cant be baptized. but we'll see what happens in this week if we can get them to progress more.

The cool part is that 5 or so people that I was teaching in my last area are getting baptized. It sucks to not be there in the area with them, but it nice to see that they are going to follow through still. It's nice to see the fruits of my labors.

Also a super awesome part of the week. We had interchanges with some other areas, and when we were heading back to the house a group of gangsters wistled at us and told us to go to them. So we went to them. Then the boss of these guys, (obvious he was the boss for the head tattoos and the way he controled the others) asked us, "Hey what are you guys doing here". So we responded "preaching the gospel of Christ", then he said, "uh huh. okay, but like what exactly do you preach?". So we shared the message of the restoration with them, gave them each a pamphlet of it, and the restoration movie to watch in their house. During our lesson, we asked them, "and do you guys pray?" and the boss said, " oh of course, everyday!" we said, "Oh really?! And what do you pray about?" He said "Well I ask God to protect me and my friends and I ask him to protect me from whatever bad guy (malvado) that comes and tries to hurt me." ...... Then he told us, "Yeah, it may not seem like it, but we do have feelings as well. You may only see this side of us, but when we get home we need time to relax, and reflect on life." So that was one amazing lesson we had. We just forgot to pray at the end and invite them to be baptized. The hardest question one of the guys asked was, "If I die right now, will I go to heaven or hell?" Yeah, that could have been risky... but we just told him that he would go to the spirit world and wait to be resurected and judged. Then when we had finished we asked them what their names are and they said, "well, we do have names, but people here just know us by our nicknames. His name is baldy (pelon), his is bee (aveja)........." and they all told us their nicknames and then said that if anyone messes with us or if we need anything at all that we just need to tell them, and theyll help us out. So if anyone was worried for my well being, you no longer need to worry! I've got the protection of the boys fromn the hood. Have a great week, love God, and be good boys and girls.

Elder Vaughan

Pic from a cool viewpoint in the area, and in the streets and what not.

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