Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Back in a Familiar Place

So I have now been moved back to one of my old wards. It's pretty cool to be back with these people again, but also really weird. We only have a couple people that the other missionaries were teaching before, so it's pretty rough, because we have to start from scratch. It's also hard because my area is like 30 min from the church building (by bus) and where the church building is at belongs to a different gang than my area. So that's also pretty rough. But I'm excited to start over and get back on top of things. To work well and to really help people out here. I know it will be hard, but Im excited for the opportunity to work hard here.

We were looking for a new house because our current one stinks and we entered into this private community and we checked out some model houses they have and I legit felt like I was in the US the houses are so nice. I told my comp that I would easily buy one of those if it were in the US.

But yeah that's basically my week. I am not in the most dangerous are of the district which is pretty sweet. But it's not really that dangerous because there is only one gang here, its just that half the population of my area are gangbangers hahaha have a fantastic week my children and keep the commandments. Don't be stupid please.

Elder Vaughan

Also here's a baptism that we had on Sunday that is from my old area. This guy is super awesome he always talks to me about soccer. Some awesome people that we said bye to, and a dope sombrero.

Oh, and my comp is Elder de Los Santos from the Dominican Republic.

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