Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Pretty Bland Week

So this week was fairly bland. Nothing too crazy to report on. One day we were looking for some less actives that the bishop asked us to look for and we had gotten a little lost in the streets. So we decided to ask a guy that was sitting on his front steps for help. We couldn't see him very well just his legs and his hand that had a cigarrete in it. (for the angle that we were at in the road) so we got up to him and sitting right next to him was a gangster that we had seen before. Hes super inked up on the head and body and everything (its amazing bro, you gotta trust me) and a member told us that his nickname is "F├│sforo" which means "Match" because he is super white and hes got super red hair. So I thought to myself, "Ah crap not this guy" But he was super cool, helped us with the directions we shook hands and said bye. I almost sayed "Hey thanks match!" But I dont know what he would do to me... hahaha

We contacted a house in a different part of town, and a 20ish year old guy told us to come back later at night. We returned that night and only is sister and mom were there and they didn't believe us that he told us to come back. So after a little bit of convincing they let us in. A couple minutes later this guy showed up to the house and was all drugged up and said "Ah I didnt think they were going to take me seriously!! I don't even believe in God!" then his sister got mad at him and scolded him for being a turd to people that preach about God. Then she listened to us. It was pretty sweet. Turns out here dad had passed away a few years ago and when he passed away her brother started doing bad stuff. It was pretty sad, but it was a pretty cool lesson.

Have a good week my children, follow jesus and don't be doing stupid things. Elder Vaughan

Found a kid with a Seattle Mariners shirt, Elder Williams practicing his "Haka" Face.

Bonus note from Josh: Tonight, an old friend of mine from my mission in El Salvador, Arnulfo, was in Ilopango visiting his girlfriend when he ran into Elder Vaughan, who was visiting Arnulfo's girlfriend's family. So naturally Arnulfo took a picture with him and sent it to me via Facebook tonight.

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