Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pupusas in Apulo

So we finally were able to bring some people to church this week. It's a pretty dope family of four. We´ll see what happens with them this week.

Also this past Friday was Independence Day (for all of Central America, except Panama) so we were partying it up pretty much the whole week. It was dope. I'll send some pics and stuff of all that went down.

Things have been pretty sweet in these weeks. The district is pretty cool and everything, and we have a few positive people. Hopefully they can progress more and more this week.

Have a great week my children. Be safe and be smart. Read the scriptures and go to church.

Salu chele

Elder Vaughan

P-day last week we went to a place called Apulo, pupusas and kolashanpan (typical food and drink here) for breakfast on Independence Day (September 15th). My bishop and his wife doing a traditional dance, other people doing a different dance.

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