Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Elder Perez, The Second

So we had changes this past week and my companion left. For the longest time they kept moving me around, but finally, I'm staying! My new companion is Elder Perez from Guatemala. Some of you might say "Hey what happened didn't he have Elder Perez from Guate as a comp?" Yeah, it's a different Elder Perez that was companions with the Perez that I was with. If that even makes any sense. He has about 15 months in the mission and is pretty dope.

This past Saturday we had a ward activity celebrating father's day and mother's day (the both of them together) and it was pretty dope. We (the missionaries) had to do a little skit there and it went alright, I guess, and one of my investigators has a mariachi band that he brought and they played there. It was pretty sick!

We also had a baptism this past week. An 8-year-old girl named Jenifer. Technically it doesn't count for us because her parents are members, but they are inactive, so I'm gonna count it for us because we did all the work to get them to church. Well, We might have another baptism this week. Depends on this woman. If she is still mad at us or not. She's been avoiding us and hasn't talked to us in over a week now... .

Later kids. love God and do good things.

Elder Vaughan

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