Monday, October 3, 2016

Teaching a Pro Soccer Player

So I'll start at the beginning of the week and work my way through. Well actually last week. So we were knocking doors near our house and we found this lady in her mid thirties. She told us that her sister and husband and his side of the family are Mormons, and that she has gone to church a few times already. SWEET! Her son was also preparing for baptism and stuff. Way good find. So we passed by the following week (this week) so that we could also meet with her husband, and the husband answers the door. Hes a stacked dude, got a perfect haircut and everything (latinos love there hair) so we enter and we talk with the husband a bit. We see on the wall the logo of the local soccer team "Las Águilas" (the eagles) and we ask him "oh you a fan?" his answer "No I played for them" we look over and see his picture on the wall of him after a game, and we also see all of his trophies. He was player of the year and golden boot (scores most goals in the season) and he won the tournament here in El Salvador. I completed my dream. We taught a professional soccer player. He's playing for a different team now, but he is the real deal. Hes 36 though so hes probably gonna retire this season or next. But him and his family are way dope. They gave us pizza and everything. Then we passed by one day before conference to ask for a favor, to help us buy a soccer jersey for cheap (because as missionaries and as a white guy people think we have a lot of money). So after the saturday morning session of conference he picked us up in his car and took us to a good shop. Then he dropped us back off at the church for conference. We gave him a quick church tour then he had to leave because he already had a comittment. But still way dope. Also he signed my jersey. Alexander Campos number 9 nickname "El Murciélago" (the bat) look him up kids.

Also this week we taught a guy completely in English because we didn't want his wife to hear because she goes nuts. So my latino companion and me taught a full losson in English, way dope.
So conference was way good! I got to watch it all in English as well! I think this was the first conference that I watched completely withought falling asleep, but it really was good. My favorites were Bednar and Stevensen, and some others as well, but the way those two talk is something I like as well. And Stevensen is an Aggie Alumni as well so maybe there is a little bit of bias... I can't remember right now what they all talked about, but I did take notes and I found a lot of stuff to apply to my life. "What will I give for so much I have recieved" (dont remember exactly what it was) the Irish coat of arms was pretty dope and BE AMBITIOUS I think that applies a lot to missionaries because if were not ambitious you cant accomplish nada. Over all a really good conference.

Sadly my homie elder williams is getting transfered and we still dont know in our zone who is getting transferred. Sometime later today Ill know. I kindof want to go and kindof dont want to go. Partly because I wanna baptize Alexander "Murciélago Campos.

Here's some pics. The money I survived off of for a week... Party for "El día del Niño" a holiday all about kids. me and elder williams at conference. sac races from el día del niño. me and my new jersey. the signature of Murciélago.

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