Monday, October 17, 2016

Sweet Football Skills and A Baptism

So this week was fairly bland not a whole lot happened really. Met some interesting people and taught some interesting lessons. Also, I baptized someone for the first time (in Spanish that is)! An 8-year old girl from the ward. They just asked one of us to do it, so I did it. Her name is Alejandra Carolina UmaƱa Esquivel, and I didn't get any pics because she showed up late so I didn't really have time to pull out my camera. I'll try and take a selfie at church or something. So that was cool! Also we were talking to some people in the street and this crazy homeless guy came up and started grabbing my arm and asking for money... eventually he left. Then two days later we were walking in the street and he comes walking up to us and my companion easily dodged him but, I had a little more trouble. He started touching me then I pulled out an American football move and spun around him then we ran away. Almost one of the scariest moments of my life. That`s life in Ilopango. Gangsters and crazy people.

Elder Vaughan

Here's me my comp with El Murcielogo and his wife. "pose like he scored a goal!"
This is where me and my comp slept one night because they took the beds out of our house at 4am. 
Food with the new district Parting ways with Elder Williams in San Miguel.

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