Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A New Cool Area

Hey kids. So I had changes this week and now I'm in Ilopango! Neighbors with San Salvador. Yeah, they closed my area in San Miguel. So sadly I had to say bye to some people over there, like Alexander Campos and other cool people. So that's a bummer, but I got a signed jersey and pictures from him so no worries at all. Other missionaries are with him now so we´ll see what happens with that. Yeah, so Ilopango is super chill (temperature wise). I don't use my fan at all, and when I was in San Miguel I useed it every second I could. I wake up every morning shivering. Which gives me more motivation to work out... but its a pretty cool place. There´s a lot more drawings on the walls, and people in the streets... It's a little more dangerous but my companion is a big dude and I just try to puff out my chest and look tuff. Yeah, one night we were walking to an appointment that we had and I walked past 3 gangsters and one said in English, "Hey man what's up?" and I replied, "Sup man. Later" and kept going. I think he had a tear drop tattoo or something like that... I tried not to look for too long... but they´re chill so I'm good. So yeah, my companion is Elder Wikan from St. George Utah, down by Dixie. I would send pictures, but my computer sucks and doesn't have a USB thing that I can use. So our area is alright though, kind of dead right now, because before I came there was like 2 changes without any solid work going on. So we´ll see what happens. I don't really know a whole lot or have a whole lot to report, but yeah the walls here are a lot more pretty with all their drawings that they have so that makes life better. Adios!!

Elder Vaughan

I am so close to asking for a name tag that has "Elder Van" because I'm getting sick of teaching people how to say my name.

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