Monday, October 31, 2016

Nacho Libre's Cooking

Honestly nothing too crazy happened this week. Everything is pretty chill. Everything is good just kinda "Meh". Crazy people in the street keep touching me when I walk past... I never have had to practice my american football skills more in my life than I have in these past few weeks in Ilopango. Other than that everything is good. I'm on week 2 in T25. Time to get yoked children. Just kidding, everything is soaked in fat which means I will soon be soaked in fat (I think Ive gained 15 pounds . . .) I have never more related to the little kid from the movie Nacho Libre. Kid: "Why cant we ever have just like a salad?" Nacho: "...todays is especially delicious¨*shoots food out of nose*.

Never have I craved a good salad before. You can't really trust salads here because they´ll wash the leaves with bad water. And when we do eat them at members the bassically put a whole beat and tomato on top and say dig in. I actually almost threw it up once... but still going strong. I dont think I'll be able to send pictures this week. Computers are trash here. Kia Kaha

Elder Vaughan

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