Monday, November 14, 2016

Vista del Lago Illopango

Greetings at the end of another change, and I have some news. I'm pregnant... I was notified this past Wednesday that I am going to be giving birth in a couple days. As in I'm going to be training a newb. Yup! Not sure if its going to be latino or gringo, but I'll find out in a couple days, and I'm gonna be staying in the same area in Ilopango. A little twist though is that they are going to split my area in two and open up a new area here. So that's good and bad news. The good: I won't have to walk nearly as much. Bad: We´re losing some people we´re teaching, and I have no choice now but to go into some more dangerous areas... but no worries, I'll be good! I've been working out so everyone here is scared of my large muscles. jk not really, but It'll all be good.

So yeah Trump won. I almost think people care about the election more in this country than they do in the US. It was on the front page of every newspaper, and everyone was talking about it. People were always asking us stuff about what we thought, but we don't know anything and we cant say anything anyways. "Hey Donald Trump Junior!". "Sorry I can't talk now I have to go pick up my aunt from the airport, because Trump kicked them out. So yeah because of this election the president of the mission said that we should say we´re from England and not America... and we should cover up the american flags that we have on our bags... Eh I'm american and I'm proud of it. So no thanks. I'll be safe though. To give you more confindence in that we were walking and this gangsters said "Hey how are you?" (in english) and we responded and he had a big smile on his face the whole time. Also this morning we ate breakfast at this guys place, he lived in the states for 25 years, pretty cool dude. Then we asked if we could go to his house some day, but he said he rents it from the gangsters so it probably wouldn't be the smartest. But he said that if we have any problems with them, that we need to tell him because he knows the head guy in thast part of town and he´ll help us out. So we got the protection of the gangs I guess. Sweet huh? Also I had my first dream in Spanish! Sadly we were just teaching a lesson in my dream. but still all SPANISH. So theres that. next week I will have given birth to a beautiful 19-25 year old man child.

Elder Vaughan

Lake Ilopango part of the zone and some shirts we ordered.

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