Monday, November 21, 2016

New Trainee and a Lack of Commitments

Greetings everyone!

So we`re still kicking it here in Ilopango with my newborn son. He is Elder Egas from Quito Ecuador. 19 years old and yeah, that's him! Things have been pretty interesting this week, because we had to do a lot of work to move some other elders into the new house that they have. That was a pain in the butt, and its also a bummer because everyone here thinks that the word of God is good. (that's not the bummer part), but its that no one is willing to do anything besides sit there and listen, or try to teach us. so yeah, we can teach a ton of people, but no one wants anything more than that... yeah its difficult but gotta be positive and on my best for my new son.

Apparently, I was going to be the District Leader too, but then an Ex-Assisstant to the president moved into our district so obviously he got it. I'm actually really glad that I didn't get it, but we´ll see what happens. Also the other night I had the fantastic opportunity to talk to three drunk guys and one of them got scared and ran away because someone else told him that we were cops... the other said he´s been to Egypt and knows everything about god because he learned it all from the hieroglyphics in Egypt. Then this other one couldn't even drink because he was so drunk, so I said to him "Hey sorry brother, I have to urinate with all the powers." then we left. Also, we´ve started entering some new colonies that are... well, a little sketch.... and the members told us we have to enter in slowly, little by little so the punks in the streets can know us a little bit better... So yeah things are way good and exciting! That's it for today children.

Elder Vaughan

Me at a members house, me and Elder Wikan with the Villegas family, with the Alvarenga family.

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