Monday, September 5, 2016

Snakes and a Temple Trip

So I’ll start out with the worst of things and build my way up.

Remember what a snake is? A person that tries super hard to flirt with you. Yeah so we went to visit the family of this snake on Monday, and all was well. We greeted the brother at the door, se llama Beto, and he was happy and everything then left on his bike because he had to go to the store or something, not sure. Then we visited with the snake and her dad, then on Wednesday we returned and everyone was crying and there was a ton of people at the house. Turns out Beto got murdered right after we said bye to him Monday night. He rode off to another city, Usulutan, and was killed that night. so yeah . . .

To brighten things up I was walking in the street one of this days and I got cat-called. These Latinas are straight up freaky man. If for some reason I don’t make it out of this country alive, it’s because of the Latinas. Not because of gangsters. These snakes are scary man.

But hey on Tuesday we went to the temple! That was way cool! I mean besides the fact I had to wake up at 2:30 AM, but oh well, it was still way super good.

Things are going well with my new comp. We get along well and everything. Trying to think of anything special that happened, but not really. We had a lesson with the mom of an investigator, and my comp did the whole lesson by himself because it needed to be super clear for her. So I just played with the little kids. Yeah I said like two whole sentences within the span of an hour.

Also Ally Kelley is a legend here, sorry Josh. Everyone knows and loves her! So congrats Ally, you killed it in El Salv.

But yeah health, safety, and all that jazz is good.

Elder Vaughan

Here are some pictures. Me with the zone, my awkward smile with the dope care package, me and Elder Sligting and the temple. Temple selfie. Me and my new comp. Temple bichos (don’t worry that’s not a bad word).

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