Monday, August 29, 2016

Drinking from a Coconut and Scrambled Pancakes

So we had changes this week and I am now with Elder Mejia. He´s 22 and from Honduras. He has about 19 months in the mission. Yeah so that´s him. So things were kind of bland this week. Nothing too crazy. So theres this one lady we found that was baptized as a kid and has since left the church and she's smoking like 20 ciggaretts a day. When we first met her she said she didn't want to hear anything from us, but we could talk to her son. Then after a couple days we started talking to her and now we´re helping to quit smoking and her son has a baptismal date.

I guess latinas love white skin... its really creeping me out. We were starting out this one lesson with a girl staring at me saying "oh my your eyes are so beautiful...." (insert other creepy crap) then her sister was asking if I can marry people here in El Salvador... Then in this other lesson this 50 year old women was saying "oh wow your white skin its so beautiful....." (more crap). Then during the lesson my comp was talking and I looked over and she was staring at me... No. Please, no. Yeah that's what we call "snakes"

So my comp was saying I´m weird cause I'm quiet and don't say anything (Why talk unless someone asks me a question?) and he always asks what I like to do for fun in the mission (like at night and stuff). and I dont do anything. I just like to read pretty much, But I realized my real joy comes from the people in this country I have such a fun time talking with everyone that I don't need anymore in the night. Yes this is hard work but the people really make it easier and make this country fun.

Here are some pancake scrambled eggs because my pan is denfinitely not a non-stick. But very delicious. Me drinking cocunut in the "garden of eden" (yard of the zone leaders/assistants house), a super dope bridge. Also, I look very bald, I'm sorry. And the river next to the bridge. More coconut.

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