Monday, August 1, 2016

Dog Attacks and Progressing Investigators

El Salvador is nuts man. I guess today marks 2 months. Does it go by fast? Eh, sure. I don’t know. So this week has been somewhat eventful and also not. I´m not gonna go in any particular order. I saw something that I thought I would never see... a mattress store like from Spongebob Squarepants! That part when Spongebob asks Patrick "Wow, how many do you think there are?“, and Patrick says, "10." Legit. This store had stacks and stacks of mattress just like the cartoon, so that was a bright spot in my week to remind me of my childhood. Still have only had 11 pupusas. I should be counting how many tortillas I eat, because we go through a ton of those. Also today we played soccer and had a Gringos (white guys) versus latinos game, and the gringos won! Very unusual yes, but hey it was like 10-3 and I scored 3 and got a couple assists too. People are kind of annoying here. We ask them "hey so you going to church ya?" and they´re like "oh yes of course Elder" then we set up plans to take the bus with them, and we show up to their house in the morning and don´t answer so we walk all the way back across town to make it right on time for church all sweaty and stuff. Yeah, fun stuff. We had a good experience where we met with this one guy and we were finishing up and we asked him to pray and he was saying stuff like "Oh, no. I don’t like to pray. God doesn´t listen . . .". Then he finally did, and after my comp asked, "how do you feel?" the guy says "really good..." while smiling. then we set another appointment and left. that was our bright spot this week.

Here´s my first sketchy story. So we were walking through this neighborhood in our area called “15 de septiembre” at about 8 PM on Monday night (a week ago) and we hear this guy screaming and a horn honking around a corner about a block or so ahead of us. we stop, listen, wait, and just keep walking to our appointment. As we get to the corner we see 2 guys beating this other guy to a bloody pulp. We kept going to our appointment and tried not to look. they pulled the guy out of the car threw him to the ground and let loose on him. I can honestly say that I do not know if he is alive or not. The part that hurt me the most was not being able to help. All I´ve thought about is about how I wish that I could have helped, but it would have gotten the both of us in trouble for sure. Honestly the worst thing I´ve ever seen.

Also on Monday night (before the story above) me and my comp were walking and out of no where a dog comes chomping at my heels. I pull my leg away and turn from the dog, then my comp delivered a swift kick to its face, then we were good. Nothing too bad though.

Due to request here is my average daily schedule: 0630 wake up. 0800 personal study. 0900 companion study. 1000 We study the 12 week plan for new missionaries. 1100 language study (ive only had it like 2 times.) 1200 lunch either at a members house or our own. Usually at a member’s place. 1300 We return and get ready to leave. 1330 Leave for the day for lessons and stuff. 1900-1930 we go to someone’s for dinner or fight for ourselves. 2030 we need to be back in the house. Then its read, write, wash clothes, cry (I don´t cry), pick your nose, whatever you want until 2230. then we sleep. Wednesdays we have an English class, Thursday meeting with ward mission leader, and district meeting at some point in the week. It’s kind of whatever.

Yeah things are good and moving. Havent been sick, mugged, shot, or all that falls in between yet.

Don’t run with scissors. Don’t eat the glue and be nice to the girls.

Love you all!
Elder Vaughan

I didn’t have any other pictures to send, so here are some from my living quarters.

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