Monday, August 8, 2016

Temple Trip and Rain Storms

Well this week was fairly decent. Nothing too extraordinary to report on. Thursday we had a temple trip for everyone in our mission boundaries (members, investigators, missionaries, everyone). With like presentations and stuff about the church and the temple and what not. Nothing too crazy. But it was pretty solid. We had 41 from our ward cram on a crappy school bus for 4 hours (one way), but they all liked it. I didn´t do anything. I walked around picked up garbage and bought food for other missionaries. Pretty boring for me, but it was nice to go. Bummer because it was pouring rain the whole time so we didn´t get to walk around and take pictures really, but oh well. Yeah so one minute it will be bright and sunny and hot like none other, then you see this black wall in the distance... then we say "okay we got 4 or so hours till the storm hits us", 30 minutes later the storms on the outskirts of the city... "ahh crap we gonna die" then 5 minutes later its all around us, lighting everywhere, then it pours like crazy. The streets turn to rivers (we couldn´t get to a families house because the street flooded too much) then it just dies away like nothing happened (or continues on through the night. it kindof changes sometimes). So yeah its pretty nuts usually. so we were visiting this less active lady and she said she didn´t have time to talk but she went over and bought us two charamuscas (really good frozen chocolate things). She spent a dollar on us, and she literally has nothing. Her husband spends everything on alcohol. She did it another time too and legit the next day asked us for a dollar because she didn´t have any left, but we arent allowed to give any money away. So that kinda stunk. Everyone here is so kind and giving. It doesn´t matter how much they have, they give to help others.

Elder Vaughan

Here´s a couple pics of the temple, some graffiti in the town, and something else random from the bus, and a bottle of pepto bismol that we down like noneother. JK I have yet to partake of that vile drink. Me with our delicious giant watermelon, I decided to practice my photography skills with this watermelon because I had nothing better to do and the finished product, with some pan dulce. and my cool backpack I bought the other day.

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