Monday, August 22, 2016

Teaching Castro's Personal Fanboy

So I'm just gonna kinda go all over the place, this week was pretty interesting.

So an investigator gave us a reference to his English teacher, so we decided to go hit it up the other day. When we walked in the investigator was there with the guy. This guy is fairly large and uses a wheel chair, he has a special button to open up the door for people too (way dope). He wears an apron and shorts shorts. Both of which are not very flatering. He has a very large beard (like Bin Laden) and wears a beret (weird hat thing) that has a picture of fidel castro on it. alsw he has giant posters of fidel castro EVERYWHERE. We taught a communist. He had a weird thing for mentioning baghdad a lot . . . We taught a communist terrorist, and then he gave us a bag of coffee. café de maíz. communist coffee. ya.

So last week for P-day we went to youkwaquin (you-kwa-king) and did this way amazing hike (pictures attached) and basically chilled at the top of this place overlooking El Salv and Honduras. So our recent converts little sister was super super sick earlier this week so we gave her a blessing, then the next day we were passing by and the little girl was perfectly okay! Running around and eating this monster of a sandwhich. So yeah I think she`s okay . . . I'll let you people think on that more. So one of the most frustrating things is when we talk with people and they say "Yeah of course im gonna do this" and we plan out everything for them (like going to church). Then we pass by in the morning and they`re like "ohhhh no we`re not going . . ." then we say "hey you got a half hour no worries you can still go" they say "oh yeah we`ll get ready right now!" and guess who doesn`t go . . . everyone. Yeah that`s really annoying. But whatever. So there is this pack of dogs that always waits to come and take us out, but we`re ready now. so there is like 4 or 5 of them that hang out on this one corner every day/night (night time is when they attack) but we have a couple stash piles of rocks on either side of them, so no matter what direction we come through we`re armed. I have yet to hit one yet, because I cant force my self to hit dogs. But I just throw them close and they get scared. Also turns out if you run towards them they freak out like none other. Yeah that`s always fun.

My area is by that volcano and it includes where we are standing . . . (way huge), the district (minus the assistents to the pres.), posing infront of honduras and the ocean, some street, baleadas are like the pupusas of Honduras (a member makes them for us all the time), some off brand tortillas smashed between two tortillas. is this salvadoranian food? No this is Jesse food.

Goodbye children

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