Monday, August 22, 2016

First Homemade Pupusas

So as you´ll see below I made my very first pupusas! The salvadorans were pretty suprised at how good they looked. So yeah, I was pretty successful at it if you ask me. I ate 4 of them and right after felt so full like I was going to explode. We made it home, planned, and immediatly after, threw up everything that was in my body. (so I´m not sure if I can say I´ve eaten 18 pupusas or 14). Yeah it was gnarly, then I got hit from the other end too . . . This happend for a couple days and I can successful say that I went about 3-4 without eating . . . all I could down was some yogurt an cereal. I Had my first full meals yesterday, and that was pretty hard to get it all down. and now I have zero appetite to eat pupusas again. But I'm feeling better now. Oh, one thing that was fun, was I downed some pepto and then we got on the bus to head out for the day and this bus was packed. My comp was hanging onto the rails outside of the bus and it got to the point where I pushed some ladies out of the way so that I could make it to the window just in time to throw up. Every latino on that busw was starring in horror. it was awesome. It made me feel better though. Heres a downing ewxperience as well.

So we have these two super progressing investigators that read the Book of Mormon every day and do everything they're supposed to do, but the dad is catholic and wont let them go to church or anything unless he goes with them (so he'll never go) and they cant be baptised till their old enough to decide on their own (18 years old). So maybe in 4 or so years they'll get baptized . . . But right after that we had a good experience with someone else. We went to this house were a brother and sister and her boyfriend live. And they didnt have time to visit cause they were leaving for a soccer game (that's everyone excuse) but they said they prayed and the boyfriend said he felt really really happy when he prayed. And the other said he began to cry when he prayed. We asked them "Oh, so does this make you know Joseph Smith is a prophet?" and they said "yeah" and then we invited them to church and stuff but the one that cried, said he cant go because he's preparing for baptism in another church . . . Hombre. But still cool.

These are pics from our trip to Youquaquin (you-kwa-king) and at the house where we made pupusas.

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