Monday, September 19, 2016

Rats and Soccer

So this week wasn't anything extraordinary. Pretty bleh actually, but some good things too. Started out the week by killing some rats (latinos think anything that is mouse sized or larger is a rat). We were studying then I saw one run through the hall I shouted "Ratón!" Then my comp freaked out, sealed all the doors grabbed the brooms and set up a battle plan to kill it. Yeah we killed it... then we found his significant other in the bathroom and ended her too.

We also had interviews with president this week. Nothing too special with them, but president really is a great guy and hes got some great ideas and visions for this place.

So we`re teaching this kid of 8 years old and he`s kinda loco but he`s cool, and to help him focus we tell him that if he pays attention then we`ll give him candy and play with him. So we play soccer with him after every lesson, and now he`s telling all his friends/family that Im really good at soccer. Someone called out to me in the street and said "hey I heard you can play soccer!" "huhhhh I guess". Its not hard to play against an 8 year old.

Yeah our area kind of sucks. The ward doesnt help us at all and the people here dont want to listen to us. So we just walk around forever and no one lets us inside. But oh well, we've got some people that at least have a tiny desire do listen.

I would try to attach pics and videos of us with the rats, but my computer is slow...

Later kids!

Elder Vaughan

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