Monday, February 13, 2017

Que Chafa es mi Vida!

Well kids, I have transferred up into the mountains of Chalatenango. There is a whole lot of white people here!! But they are white Salvadorans, and there are a ton of hills and it's always super hot. The mountains remind me a lot of Utah actually. My comp is Elder PĂ©rez from Guatemala! He came with me from the MTC and now we`re here together. He is a pretty sweet dude.

My computer doesn't work so I can't send pics at all. I will next week, and the worst part of this change is that I am the district Leader now "Que chafa es mi vida!". Yeah, already had one district meeting, and it's tough because I have to work every night up until its time to sleep and my comp gets to relax. Eh, oh well I guess. Nothing too special to tell. We will be having a baptism this Saturday which is pretty cool. A little girl named Kimberly that is 8 years old.

Well later people, this chele gotta go!

Elder Vaughan

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