Sunday, April 30, 2017

Boyka the Boxer

So this week was fairly normal. Nothing too crazy. We started off the week with 0 baptismal dates (which is pretty dang bad in a Central American country) and we were able to finish with 7! We´ve got 3 that are most likely to progress and baptize a little 8 year old girl, a different 13 year old girl, and Edwin. I think I´ve mentioned him before. But he should have his baptism this week. He has been feeling a little unsure these past couple of weeks, but I think he'll will do it. If not we just gonna toss him in the water ni modo. (jk) The 8 year old girl was a reference, and her family is less active and are pretty excited for this. And the other girl is the sister of a recent convert. The others, well we`ll see what happens there.

Also I gave my second talk in this country. I talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ. About the love that God and his Son have for us. What the atonement does for us. And what we have to do to honor and use the atonement in our lives. Bassically. "God and Jesus love us a boat load. Do we love them a boat load? If so, keep the commandments, repent and if you don't love them a boat load, dont be like that. Repent and love them." (More or less the shortened version of my talk) And today we played on a super dope slip n`slide that we made.. and we played soccer, and I scored a couple goals. woooooooo!

Salu pues

Elder Vaughan

The kids that Edwin takes care of, they say I look like a guy from a boxing movie. a guy named "Boyka" (something like that), We made a slip n slide for pday today. I'm that guy with the black and white shirt.

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