Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Russian Soccer

This week we've been teaching a little girl that's 8 years old and her family is less active. She's pretty sweet, and is going to get baptized this month. We also have been teaching a 13 year old girl that is the sister of a recent convert, and we're thinking that she's going to get baptized in a few weeks as well. Nothing to crazy to report on in this week. We had a ton of lessons, and things overall are going pretty well. On the bright side I saw a guy with a Chik-fil-a shirt which was super cool. On the down side I had this really weird dream. I think I was in Russia and everyone was in these big tents watching soccer. SO I went to watch soccer, but first I had to buy a soccer jersey of the Seattle Sounders. I went to buy and they told me that it costed $70... So I didn't buy it because I'm cheap... Then I went into the tents and EVERYONE BUT ME had a Seattle shirt. EVERYONE. I was mad. So there's my dream for y'all this week. Have a fantastic week and dont do drugs kids. (a guy told me marijuana is good and I need it. He told me in english...) I said okay sounds good. Jk I said no.

Pday was awesome today so check out these pics. Cool look out point with the district, some art work from the locals...., incase you wanted to know how to use the bathroom..., lunch with the crew, and with a view, in the path to the lake. The green lake. its green because its filled with sulfur, because its not only a lake but a VOLCANO. que chivo hombre. our view during lunch today. Bummer because it was pretty cloudy.

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