Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sunday Escort Service

Greetings children! So this week was good! We were able to have the baptism of 2 people, Salvador(his name is "Savior" how cool), and Ester. Before the baptism we had the wedding service then they got baptized. they were found by the missionaries in september last year, but had to wait a long time to get divorced from their old spouce then to get all the papers ready to get married, then baptized. They have testimonies that are honestly stronger than half the members here... Salvador cried just about every time he prayed or talked about baptism, because he was scared to die without being baptized. They are super amazing people. and the iceing on the cake is that a guy from the ward baught us all pupusas to celebrate.

other than that nothing too crazy. the wife of our chef just turned 20 and her favorite food are shrimps. so our chef made us shrimps again.... super amazing.

we should have another baptism this saturday as well! and maybe the following as well! See ya kids. dont do drugs,

Elder Vaughan

Pics of the baptism and wedding and eating pupusas after the baptism.

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