Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunday Escort Service

So this week was fairly interesting... 3 people got killed a block away from the church building... We had to escort people to church, because they were too scared to go. But we all chill here. Jesus has got our back.

On tuesday we saw our chef in the street (the guy that makes us lunches) and he he said to us "Hey! I want to break a rule today!" So he told us that he wanted to make shrimp for us (we´re not allowed to eat seafood here in the mission) he explained the sauce and everything and lets just saw that after a year of no fish I was tempted and we gave in. I ate shrimp for the first time in a year and I was in love. Sorry for breaking the rules, but it was super delicious.

Cool lesson this week. So think about the Book of Mormon. I don't remember where the scripture is but it says "Al grado que guardáis los mandamientos, prosperareis en la tierra." (you translate). So let's look at the commandment of the sabbath day, the things that we should do or shouldnt do.

Read the scriptures pray sing go to parties or other passtime stuff (sporting events) visit the sick other stuff you can think of.....

The scripture bassically says that you will prosper in the world depending on your obedience to the commandments. So if I am only good with 50% of this list of things. I will only prosper or recieve 50% of what I could normaly recieve. I'll let you guys do more evaluating on your own lives there.

Also in 2 Nephi 5. Nephi seperates from the bad people in his family to have peace with those that will keep the commandments. We too need to separate ourselves from the bad influences to be able to keep the commandments. (read it on your own time)

Have a great week children

Elder Vaughan

My district, the new addition to my desk, my shoelaces after 1 year, we ice bucket challenged people, because they lost a bet.

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