Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day

So this week, nothing too crazy happened. Wednesday is mothers day here, so we went outside of the mall with a little banner thing that said happy mother's day and we took some pictures with families there. Below is a picture of the activity. Then Sunday we had stake conference. Six months again I had stake conference in this same stake, then I returned and saw a bunch of people I knew before. A girl that I had contacted and started teaching is now baptized and all the families from before are inviting me over for dinner. In stake conference one of the 70 spoke. someone from Guatemala. He talked for like 45 min or so... One of the things I remember that he talked about was that he warned about the usage of social media and as well as sabbath day observance. He said that too many people are losing blessings that are waiting for them, just because they have to go buy a soda or something from the store, and that social media distracts us from the most important things in our lives from family church and all that falls in between. He said that we should try to create some ways in our homes to control the social media so that it doesn't take over our lives. He also said that as missionaries (also applies to every person) we should represent three things. 1: our last name, 2: our nation, 3: Jesus Christ. Don't be bringing shame to your family, nation, and most importantly to Christ.

Also happy mothers day.

Elder Baughan

A dope family from Ilopango that I saw, and me and some of the guys taking pics with families for mothers day outside of a mall.

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