Monday, May 8, 2017

Return to Ilopango

So President just loves to move me around here. After 1 change in Santiago de Maria, I got moved back to Ilopango. I now have 5 areas in 1 year... My companion only has 3 months left in the mission and he has 5 areas as well. My companion is Elder Garcia from Mexico. He was in my district in Chalatenango 2 changes ago and now hes my comnp. So before I was in the area "Las Canas, Ilopango" and now Im in "Alta Vista, Ilopango" My area is just the other side of the street of my old area. I attend church in the same chapel as before, just at a different hour. So I said goodbye to everyone from Las Canas, thinking I would never see them again only to return 3 months later. Its cool though because its been my favorite ward so far. I hope to stay here for 6 or so months, but we'll see what happens.

When I saw the bishop up from las canas he said to me with a big look of suprise "HEY! Que onda vos?!" (Hey whats up) Its how people talk with close friends or family members. (Or how the gangsters talk with everyone) so that was cool. His baby boy whenever he hears "elder" he says "Vaughan" did I tear up when I heard that? Just maybe. No jk. another baby is WALKING. When I was here he didnt walk, no he walks! I'm weirded out here.

FINALLY I am no longer the district leader! And thank goodness, because our district consists of the DL, ZL, sister leaders, and the APs. And me and my comp... we are the Junior companions of the district... haha oops.

Later kids. Don't forget to love your mothers this week.

Elder Vaughan

Pistol laser pointer, santiago de maria, the bonilla family, Edwin with the kids, melvin, daniel, and bryan. The view from my new house, ZL in san miguel Elder Murillo.

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