Monday, March 20, 2017

"Hot Blooded"

So nothing much has changed this week. The work in the whole district is slowing down, sadly. It's a pretty hard city, but we're still fighting. We`ve been trying to find new people but people just don't accept us. Our investigatores are slowly diminishing... but we`re still working hard. well except for Wednesday in the evening. I wasn't feeling too hot the whole afternoon. We got on a bus then I was hit with some big feelings of throwing up. 5 minutes on the bus then I was alright. We kept working for a while then returned to the house a little early. I went and layed down and started out with a fever of 101 or something, then it raised to 103.6 to finish off the night. Wooooooo. All is well now. Just the fun stuff of the mission is all. Next week you will know if I am leaving from this area or if my comp is.

Later kiddos!

Elder Vaughan

My ugly face when I'm trying to learn piano, trying on a baptismal skirt, and a sign that says "Welcome to Chalatenango".

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