Monday, March 13, 2017

Playing with Fire

Well, this week was rather average and not much happened. We had three days without working in our area, because we did some service then had a meeting in the church, worked in the area of other missionaries, and we went to the capital for a doctor's appointment for my comp. So yeah, in terms of numbers, this week was pretty rough. But we helped an investigator get married and the other elders baptized a woman as well. The sisters will have a baptism next week. So, things are alright here. The ward is pretty rough. They judge us a lot and I can actually feel the hate sometimes in the ward. It's pretty rough. But, hey we're still here with breath in our lungs and livin life. Have a good week!

Elder Vaughan

My comp playing soccer with a coconut in the street, me with fire, the district, and some other stuff

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