Monday, January 23, 2017

Sanitizing the Streets

So this week was a fairly interesting week. Nothing too crazy but a good end to the week. So this Sunday we had 8 people go to church, and some of them are people that we have never even taught before, or only 1 time. We just invited them to go, and they actually went! The sad part is that the people that have a date for baptism did not go. Only one of them called Jose, and he is going to be baptized this Saturday! He passed the baptism interview and is ready to go! But sadly other people don't have desires or "don't have time". So this week we are going to focus on those people that went to church. Funny story, we were talking to a guy in his doorway then out of nowhere we heard cats fighting like crazy. Then I look over to my side and see to cats falling out of the sky wrapped in a ball fighting each other in mid-air. Then they smacked into the ground and just stood there growling at each other. If you want to imagine it better just think about the first Lord of the Rings movie when Gandalf is falling in the sky fighting with the Balrog, (big fiery dragon thing) that is what it was like. Also, a gangbanger used some of my hand sanitizer because he said he needed his hands clean to smoke. Little does he know he needs a little more than hand sanitizer to clean up. He needs some repentance.

Have a fantastic week

Elder Vaughan

Matching Iron Man shirts, giant fat banana things, sweet street.

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