Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years, New Legos

Well, happy new years to all! A solid 7 months here in Central America now! Time really does fly by but it has all been great!

Not a whole lot happened this week, but there was one experience that was kind of cool. So we were visiting a couple people with a member and then he was going to take off and me and my comp were debating on where we were going to go next. We had another member set up to leave with us, in another part of town, but then we thought about visiting an investigator that lives in a different part. I was about to call the member to cancel our appointment with him and head out to this investigator. Then at the end of things we decided to go with the member. Not really sure why, but we left. Then later in the night we went to the investigator (after visiting people with the member) and it turns out she wasn't even home when we were going to visit her. Maybe that was a slight impression from someone that knows more than us in all that we do. And from this we had a really good lesson which we would not of had if we would had left early.

Now for the cheesy New Years resolution. Something that me and my comp did with some families was talk about the attributes of Christ and each of us had to pick 1 that we needed to work on for the new year. I picked humilty, because as missionaries we always think that we are so amazing and we are going to change the world based only on our efforts, but that's not how it works. I need to be more humble and realize the role that my Heavenly Father plays in everything I do. So that is my invitation for you all, to pick an attribute of Christ and focus on it this year. Patience, love, humilty, service, . . . (Josh help me with a couple)

"I know, in the strength of the Lord thou canst do all things" Alma 20:4

Elder Vaughan

I bought some legos, family from church, a huge firework bomb thing, and a New Year's Eve party.

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