Monday, January 30, 2017

A Visit from the President and a Baptism

So, we had a pretty sweet week this week. On Wednesday we had a family home evening in our church building and the presidente of the mission and his wife came to share a message with investigators and less actives and other members as well. He talked about the Book of Mormon and his conversion. He read the book in 23 days, and what drew a lot of his attention was how it helped him to learn more about the 12 tribes of Israel. Stuff that he could never answer with the Bible alone. A pretty cool lesson.

After the family home evening we were leaving the church and on of the counselors in our ward told us that he had an interview with a girl named Olga. Her husband got baptized 5 or 6 months ago and is a counselor in the young men's quorum, but his wife Olga didn't feel ready for baptism so she waited for a while. So the counselor told us that in the interview she accepted a baptism date for the 4th of February. So this Saturday we are going to have another baptism with her! Honestly one of the best families I have met in this country. I see myself being like the dad when I am older and having my wife call me an idiot all the time like it happens with them. So yeah we are super stoked for that.

Also, this past Saturday we had the baptism for Jose. A really awesome crazy dude. He loves God and the church. He said he wants to go in front of everyone to preach on Sundays, but we still gotta teach him some stuff . . . But he is awesome. He was in the army before and is still legit. He always leaves his house to travel to Guatemala and Mexico because he says that the gangsters wanna kill him... he's pretty dang sweet though.

So, have a fantastic week children! Don't run with the scissors, don't eat the glue, and be nice to the girls.

Elder Vaughan

Baptism of Jose and a story of a family in my ward that made it into the Ensign. We are going to baptize the wife this Saturday.

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