Wednesday, January 3, 2018

DIY Inspiration

Welcome to 2018 children. And 19 months for Elder Vaughan. I hope that y'all had a great time and that y'all enjoyed everything!

So this week was pretty cool! On Sunday we were just eating the whole day. We had lunch at 3, dinner at 5, second dinner at 7, and supper at 8:30. They were all FAT dinners bruh. So yeah, I took the last dinner to go, I wasn't all about seeing my food again, but it was way awesome and everyone that gave us food is way awesome.

So you guys remember how I said that a gangster lived infront of our house? So yeah he was also like the boss or one of them of the area. So on the 24th he decided to get high as the sky and kill his girl. He then buried her in his little back patio. Then he hung himself and shot himself at the same time... soooo yeah, but the thing is that no one knew until this friday (the 29th) people realized because everything started stinking like death. So yeah, the cops got 'em out and everything. That was pretty interesting. Also we killed a rat and burned it.

Also we did a egg toss in my district meeting and I ripped a hugeangous hole in my pants. That was pretty fun.

Have a great year and don't do drugs kids.

I would say something more inspirational but I don't have anything so come up with it on your own.

The sounders shirts I got everyone for Christmas, Wilfredo's baptism from last Thursday, classy Christmas pic by the fireplace, one of the New Year's dinners, a FAT dinner they gave us yesterday.

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